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Some Named Selections require Czech names for them to work.
If, for example, you want to define the source for the left headlight (in the Memory LOD) you would need to name that selection "L svetlo".
To find out which names are required for which object you can either check the Modelling Tutorials or check the CfgVehicles Config Reference directly.

Czech Names Translations
alt altimeter {abbr}
apac apache
asfalt asphalt
asfaltka asphalt, blacktop_road
auto car
barabizna hovel, shack
beden boxes
bedna box
beton concrete
bily pozicni blik white positional blinker
bok side
brana gate
brejle glasses {sl}
bricho stomach, abdomen
bryle glasses
brzdove svetlo brake light
buben cylinder (drum)
budova building
buldozer bulldozer
cerveny pozicni red positional
cerveny pozicni blik red positional blinker
cislo number
cisterna cistern, tank
civilista civilian
clun boat
ctverec square
dalekohled binoculars
delo gun
dlouha long
dlouhe long
dlouhy long
domek small house, cottage
doplnovani filling up, replenishing, completion
drevtank wooden_tank {abbr}
dum house
dvere door
nabojnice cartridge_case
nabojniceend cartridge_case_end
nabojnicestart cartridge_case_start
nejty rivets {sl}
nemocnej sick {slang}
noha leg
nohy legs
nohybok legs_side
nozka small_foot
oblicej face
ocas tail
ohniste fireplace
ohorela charred
ohorelavec charred_thing
okno window
optika optics
optika_strela optics_missile
osa axis
osa leve smerovky axis (of) left rudder
osa leve vejskovky axis (of) left elevator {sl}
osa leveho kola axis (of) left wheel
osa prave smerovky axis (of) right rudder
osa prave vejskovky axis (of) right elevator {sl}
osa praveho kola axis (of) right wheel
osa predniho kola axis (of) nose wheel
osa slapek axis (of) pedals
osa slapky l axis (of) pedal left {abbr}
osa slapky p axis (of) pedal right {abbr}
osa stojanku axis (of) stand
osa vejskovky axis (of) elevator {sl}
osa_alt axis_(of)_altimeter {abbr}
osa_buben axis_(of)_cylinder (drum)
osa_dvere axis_(of)_door
osa_horizont axis_(of)_horizon
osa_kompas axis_(of)_compass
osa_mph axis_(of)_speed_indicator
osa_nm_alt axis_(of)_altimeter (elevation above sea level) {abbr}
osa_poklop axis_(of)_hatch
osa_radar axis_(of)_radar
osa_rpm axis_(of)_rpm (revolution counter)
osa_rychlo axis_(of)_speed_indicator {abbr}
osa_time axis_(of)_time
osa_ukazsmer axis_(of)_point_direction
osa_vert_speed axis_(of)_vertical_speed {abbr}
OsaHlavne Axis_(of)_Barrel
OsaHlavneVelitele Axis_(of)_Barrel_(of)_Commander
osasterL axis_(of)_windscreen_wiper_Left {abbr}
osasterP axis_(of)_windscreen_wiper_Right {abbr}
OsaVelitele Axis_(of)_Commander
OsaVeze Axis_(of)_Turret
osavolantkon axis_(of)_steering_whel_end {abbr}
osavolantzac axis_(of)_steering_whel_start {abbr}
osobnost personality
OtocHlaven Turn_Barrel
OtocHlavenVelitele Turn_Barrel_(of)_Commander
OtocVelitele Turn_Commander
OtocVez Turn_Turret
p raketa right rocket {abbr}
p strela right missile {abbr}
P svetlo Right light {abbr}
padak parachute
palivo fuel
paluba deck
papir paper
pasanimL track_animation_Left {abbr}
pasanimP track_animation_Right {abbr}
pasL track_Left {abbr}
pasoffsetL track_offset_Left {abbr}
pasoffsetR track_offset_Right {abbr}
pasP track_Right {abbr}
pasy tracks
pbiceps right_biceps {abbr}
pchodidlo right_sole_of_the_foot {abbr}
pholen right_shin {abbr}
pisek sand
plast plastic
plech sheet, plate
ploket right_shin {abbr}
plot fence
pneu tyre {abbr}
podkoloL under_wheel_Left {abbr}
podkoloP under_wheel_Right {abbr}
podlaha floor
podsvit pristroju backlight (for) devices
podvozek chassis
poklop hatch
poskozeni damage
prameno right_shoulder {abbr}
prava smerovka right rudder
prava vejskovka right elevator {sl}
pravy right
pravy kolo right wheel
pravy prach right dust
pravy predni right front
pravy predni tlumic right front shock_absorber
pravy prostredni right middle
pravy prostredni tlumic right middle shock_absorber
pravy zadni right rear
pravy zadni tlumic right rear shock_absorber
predni front
predni kolo nose wheel
predni osa naklonu front axis Tilt
pristresek shed
prkna boards, planks
prolis extrude
provizorni provisional, temporary
pruchozi through
psroub right_propeller {abbr}
pstehno right_thig {abbr}
pytel bag
pytle bags
radar radar
radarKons radar_Mounting {abbr}
raketa rocket, missile
rampa ramp
rapid Skoda_sport_car
ret lip
ridic driver
roh corner (edge)
roura pipe
ruce hands
ruka hand
rus russian
rychlo speed {abbr}
rychlost speed
rzadek right_butt {abbr}
schema diagram, scheme
sedacka seat
sektor sector
silnice road
sipka arrow
sklo glass
sklo L glass Left {abbr}
sklo P glass Right {abbr}
sklo predni L windscreen Left {abbr}
sklo predni P windscreen Right {abbr}
sklo zadni glass rear
skodovka Skoda_car {sl}
slapka l pedal left {abbr}
slapka p pedal right {abbr}
slapky pedals
sluchatko earpiece
smer direction
snura cord
snurky strings, twines
spaleniste site_of_a_fire
Spice rakety spike (of) rocket
spodni lower, bottom
spodni ret lower lip
stabilizator stabilizer
stan tent
staticka static
stena wall
steracL windscreen_wiper_Left {abbr}
steracP windscreen_wiper_Right {abbr}
sterk gravel
stit shield
stojanek stand
stopa mark, print
stopa PLL mark Front_Left_Left {abbr}
stopa PLP mark Front_Left_Right {abbr}
stopa PPL mark Front_Right_Left {abbr}
stopa PPP mark Front_Right_Right {abbr}
stopa ZLL mark Rear_Left_Left {abbr}
stopa ZLP mark Rear_Left_Right {abbr}
stopa ZPL mark Rear_Right_Left {abbr}
stopa ZPP mark Rear_Right_Right {abbr}
stozar pole, flagpole
stul table, desk
stulsuplik table_drawer
suplik drawer {dim}
sutr stone {sl}
svetla light {adj}
svetle light {adj}
svetlo light
svetloPL light_Front_Left {abbr}
svetloPP light_Front_Right {abbr}
svetly light {adj}
tankista member_of_tank_crew
telefon telephone
televize TV_set
televizesvideem TV_set_with_video
telo body, figure
terc target
traktor tractor
trava grass
trojuhelnik triangle
trup body, hull, fuselage
ukaz point, show
ukaz_rpm indicator_rpm {abbr}
ukaz_rychlo indicator_speed {abbr}
ukazsmer point_direction
usti muzzle
usti granatometu muzzle (of) grenade_launcher
usti hlavne muzzle (of) barrel
vec thing
vejskovka elevator {sl}
velka big
velka osa big axis
velka vrtule big rotor
velka vrtule blur big rotor blur
velka vrtule staticka big rotor static
velke big
velky big
vez tower, turret
vicka eyelids
videem video
vlajka flag
vojak soldier
volant steering_wheel
vrtule propeller, rotor
vrtule blur propeller blur
vrtule staticka propeller static
vyfuk konec exhaust end
vyfuk start exhaust start
xicht face {sl}
zada back
zadek butt
zadni back, rear {adj}
zadni svetlo rear light
zamerny aiming_point, line_of_sight
zasleh flash
zbran weapon
zbytek rest (a rest position) or the rest (remainder)
zebra ribs
zed wall
zeleny pozicni green positional
zeleny pozicni blik green positional blinker
zidle chair(s)
zidlicka small_chair
znaceni marking
znacka road_sign
zranen wounded
zrcadlit reflect, mirror
zrcadlovky glasses (reflex)
zvonice bell_tower