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Texture detail

Very low


Normal - for graphics card with 256 MB physical memory

High -

Very High - for graphics card with 512 MB physical memory

Default - this setting is designed to fully utilize graphics card with over 512 MB and any other card with unusual size of installed memory. It sets texture quality on maximum level and automatically estimates memory available. New in version 1.08

Dedicated Server Bandwidth Settings

Bandwidth Settings can be found in the arma.cfg in /My documents/Arma/

Lets start with Min and max Bandwidth settings for arma and min errors to send.

The more players your hosting the more bandwidth your server requires to keep everything smooth.

Most players normally use 5-13kb when playing in game but will spike up on certain events such as players joining or when downloading content so a standalone dedicated server connected to at least a 10mbit line is recommended for optimal play.

To determine MinBandwith and MaxBandwith requirements for your server the examples below can be used as a guideline.

256kb Minbandwith, 512kb MaxBandwith times X number of Players use So 265kb X 20 Players = 5120000

MaxMsgSend=; (Lower Values are suggested for CTF/DM maps and Higher Setting for evo/cti Using too large of MaxMsgSend in a CTF causes stutter effects ctf=128/192 cti/evo 384/512)

MaxSizeGuaranteed=; (Shouldn't need to be changed)

MaxSizeNonguaranteed=; (Raising this value means players are sent less bandwidth for events such as soldier or vehicle position. IE: A Lower value prioritizes those events)

MaxBandwidth= Max limit the server can send to players. (NOTE: Raising this too high can cause the server to send more data then clients can process which causes instability)

//Suggested Server min/max Bandwidth for dedicated servers //256kb Min/512kb Max times X number of players

//64 player server MinBandwidth=16384000; MaxBandwidth=32768000; MinErrorToSend=0.008;

//32 player server MinBandwidth=8192000; MaxBandwidth=16348000; MinErrorToSend=0.008;

//24 player server MinBandwidth=6144000; MaxBandwidth=12288000; MinErrorToSend=0.05;

//12 player server MinBandwidth=3072000; MaxBandwidth=6144000; MinErrorToSend=0.05;

Example 32 player arma.cfg

MaxCustomFileSize=350000; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=192; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxMsgSend=192; MinBandwidth=16384000; MaxBandwidth=32768000; MinErrorToSend=0.008;

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