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Finnish Defence Forces Mod

Blake, MikkoV

2D Blake, Kegetys, FW200, MikkoV, Norsu, Ripa
3D Blake, Kegetys, FW200, MikkoV, Norsu, Ripa
Missions Jafarin, Lucas
Other Feer, Goeth, Nyles, SmartDrv
Released December 10th, 2005
Version 1.4
Link Download FDFmod
FDF Mod logo

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDFmod), is a large and complex Finnish modification of Operation Flashpoint. It was first released on June 20th, 2003. FDFmod was the first true total conversion for the game, featuring a completely reworked main config that changed the gaming experience in many ways. The modification is very popular among OFP fans even outside of Finland.

Key Features

  • Reworked OFP config with more realistic recoils and consistent weapon specs
  • Finnish Defence Forces modelled in meticulous detail
  • A large number of custom islands for various settings incl. peacekeeping and homefront
  • World War II, Cold War era and present day settings with authentic units each
  • New sounds for all OFP weapon systems, units, weather and environment
  • Soundtrack feat. Finnish rock band 'Airut' and lots of classical music
  • Numerous old OFP bugs fixed, like resized BMPs and rearranged inventory space
  • Over 500 (!!!) missions available in own mission repository

Additional Features

  • Custom rank patches for many soldiers
  • Finnish voice profiles, totalling 3000+ radio voices
  • Man-portable modular weapon systems such as HMGs, ATGMs and mortars
  • Integrated spectating and seagull teleportation script
  • Fully operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for observation
  • Improved nightvision goggles
  • Large amount of Russian equipment for balanced opposing forces
  • Civilian life with custom Finnish buildings, vehicles and people
  • Steerable and repackable parachutes for HAHO and HALO jumps
  • Smokeshells for tanks and soldiers that block AI's line of sight
  • SANLA device to request artillery support
  • Portable fuel canisters to refuel stranded vehicles
  • Handcuffs for police and MP to arrest AI
  • Working sirens on police cars
  • Tripwires with explosives and flares
  • Usable skis
  • Manually guidable ATGMs
  • More realistic firemodes and munitions for all weapons
  • Custom GUI and optimized mission editor with debugger
  • Enhanced explosion effects and lingering smoke
  • Rucksacks for additional ammunition distribution
  • And much more...


The latest version of FDFmod and most of the supplemental releases can be found on the mod's page in the download section. For earlier releases and external content see link courtesy of

Major releases
FDFmod v1.4 - December 10th, 2005
FDFmod v1.3 - June 16th, 2004
FDFmod v1.2 - December 28th, 2003
FDFmod v1.1 - December 6th, 2003
FDFmod v1.0 - June 20th, 2003
Supplemental releases
FDF/CSLA Suurssari - Feburary 6th, 2006
FDF Winter Maldevic - Februrary 11th, 2005
FDF Desert Pack - November 10th, 2004
Kegetys' Russian Weaponspack 1.1 - November 11th, 2002
Kegetys' Winter Nogojev 1.1 - August 8th, 2002
The beginning
Blake's Apilas and Kasapanos - October 22nd, 2002

The Team

There have been many people involved with FDFmod over the years, who all contributed their smaller and bigger parts. Currently FDFmod consists of a core development team with key competences for all areas. The entire dev team would like to thank all of our former and inactive members for their contributions.

Core Dev Team

Blake Project leading, texturing, modeling, etc.
Feer Config coding
FW200 Texturing, modeling
Goeth Sounds, islands
Jafarin Missions, research
Kegetys Modeling, main config coding, scripting, GUI, etc.
Lucas Missions, research
MikkoV Project leading, texturing, modeling, etc.
Norsu Texturing, modeling
Nyles Game design, research
Ripa Texturing, modeling
SmartDrv Animations, web, research

Campaign Background

The year is 1995. After the Soviets were driven out in 1982 a UN peacekeeping mission was set up in Nogova, Finland and NATO participated in it. The NFOR forces are still at Nogova, things have been pretty calm lately but there are rumors that the communist partisans led by Radom Tosev are making a comeback to Nogova, there are also unconfirmed rumors that they are being supported by Russian Federation army hardliners led by his somewhat distant relative Vladimir Tosev. The Russian economy has not shown signs of improvement despite the fall of communism almost 5 years ago, large military cutbacks have increased the support of subversive elements in the Russian army and the situtation is starting to become even worse...


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