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First Aid is set of 3 modules:

  • First Aid: Simulation (Alternative Injury Simulation)
  • First Aid: Battlefield Clearance (Battlefield Clearance)
  • First Aid: Action (First Aid)

First Aid: Simulation (AIS - Alternative Injury Simulation)

  • adds agony state - unit is incapacitated to some degree (no commanding, no actions, limited movement) - but can move slowly on ground and even shoot
  • simulates bleeding (if healed by other unit, bleeding is healed first - so, partially healed unit will stay in agony, but is not going to die)
  • adds action to take out units in agony from vehicle
  • uses "handleDamage" EH - using this AIS receives from engine damage that is going to be applied to object, after evaluation of conditions, wanted damage is returned back to engine

First Aid: Action (FA - First Aid)

  • adds new first aid action, animations and logic

First Aid: Battlefield Clearance (BC - Battlefield Clearance)

  • adds actions and logic for dragging and carrying of units in agony (AIS) and units that cannot stand (even without AIS)
  • uses setPos for moving dragged (planned conversion to attachTo - still there is problem: dragged must copy terrain slope)
  • uses attachTo for snapping carried to carrier


  • place the modules (F7 in editor), each group should have their own set
  • synchronize (F5 in editor) to each player or playable unit (to avoid cases where the system is not started at all, because it was synched to one unit only, and that unit was not selected by anyone in MP role selection)


Modules can also be used with AI units. With them, syncing to just group leader alone is enough.

Fixed (1.03): healing scripts running twice if FA module used together with AIS.