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Cold War Rearmed


Release date 23. December 2007
Version 0.36


The Cold War Rearmed (CWR) modification is a collaborative project with BI and community fans to bring the ever popular Cold War Crisis campaign and content into ArmA. The idea is to rework the original content to take advantage of the enhancements BI has made to the ArmA engine. As a second phase, the CWR team also plans to convert the Resistance campaign and content.

Key Features

  • Original OFP islands updated taking advantage of the new texture and vegetation enhancements
  • New vehicles from the Cold War era
  • New units textured in the Cold War era style
  • OFP-like UI design
  • The whole CWC and Resistance campaign
  • All original SP and MP missions from BIS

Job Offers

  • No job offers available, please check again later. :)

Updated Content Planned

CWC Units

  • '85 US Infantry
  • '85 Soviet Infantry
  • OFP-like Flecktarn resistance units
  • OFP-like civilians

CWC Weapons

  • Sa vz.58 (dead link)
  • RPG Nh-75 Launcher (dead link)
  • AK-47 (dead link) and Variants
  • XM-177E2 (dead link)
  • LAW Launcher (dead link)
  • AT-4 Carl Gustav Launcher (dead link)
  • AT-4 Spigot/Fagot 9M111 Launcher

CWC Armor

  • T-80 BV Main Battle Tank (dead link)
  • T-55G Main Battle Tank (dead link)
  • M-60 Main Battle Tank (dead link)
  • BMP-1 Armoured Personnel Carrier (dead link)
  • BMP-1 Ambulance


CWC Wheeled

  • Jeep M151 A2 (dead link)
  • Jeep with cal .50 MG
  • UAZG (dead link)
  • SCUD Launcher (dead link)
  • PV3S (dead link)

CWC Water

CWR Addons

CWR Addons contains addons that are not from the original OFP:R series, but which had been made by the community.

The current CWR Addons are:

   * Winter Kolgujew
   * CWR Editor, which contains the classes of the OFP addons objects1.pbo, objects2.pbo, editorupgradeONE.pbo and the EditorUpdates

Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next CWR build going to be released?

A public CWR beta has been released May 18th. See the links below for the release thread.

Will CWR be recruiting again?

Check the job offers section every here and then.

Will other Mods work with CWR?

"Last time I checked 6th Sense tracers & wound fx as well as Maddmatts FX worked like a charm together with CWR." - Mr. Burns

"QG and LowPlants works with CWR." - raedor

Is CWR creating custom classes for the units (like a normal addon/mod) or is this mod going to replace the default ArmA units.

To achieve maximum compatibility with already created OFP missions the classnames used are exactly the same as in OFP. That means when using the CWR Mod the default ArmA units will be replaced by CWR ones. It also means that your OFP missions will work with little to no changes.

Are you going to modify something regarding the AI/gameplay?

There are no plans in changing gameplay/AI, at least not more than config changes at this time.

Is CWR going to be Queens Gambit dependable?

No, CWR should be played without Queens Gambit, however you can use both together, if you want to.

Why CWR is using the Xbox soundfiles?

Due to copyright issues we cannot use the original soundfiles from OFP.

Are we able to change the soundfiles?

In theory you can do this, however since we're using the Xbox missions too there are errors because of no more existing sounds which are not played then. In the end your playing experience might be even more worse.

Is there a release planned for Arma 2 once available?

Of course! As soon as the tools for Arma 2 are released we start the porting.

Why the AKM/AK-74 has a 3 round burst mode?

Because the weapon was the same in OFP. The goal of CWR is to bring back the original feeling with all its flaws and incorrectness. For a hyper-realistic Mod see the Project'85 or A.C.E. Mods.


US Soldiers with light armored support securing a village
US PBRs ready for patrol
Soviet Infantry with a T-72 MBT
Motorised Soviet Infantry moving on


1. Release on December 24th 2007: OFP Demo State

  • CWR Addons v0.80 release on December 25th 2007: CWR Addons

2. Release on May 18th 2009: Cold War Rearmed Beta Cold War Rearmed: Beta

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