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WarGames MOD v.5


WGL 5 provides the most realistic, comprehensive, and tactical first-person military simulation available for the civilian PC market. WGL 5 is the premier tactical military simulation incorporating true combined arms in a believable virtual world – not only that, but it is FREE. Its closest competitor, VBS1, is, admittedly, more realistic, but it is also hundreds of dollars to purchase and is not designed for entertainment.
WGL 5 allows casual to hard-core gamers the opportunity to experience realistic military weapons, equipment, and tactics while still maintaining an environment that is enjoyable to play.


The WGL project began years ago when AngusHeaf and Tactician decided to improve some balancing and gameplay issues specifically related to online PvP gaming.

Since its inception, the WGL Mod has placed a large focus on realism and enhanced squad based gameplay. After the release of WGL 2, Phaeden joined the team. Shortly thereafter, Dinger created the WGL mortar system. Like its predecessors, WGL 3 and 4 were released to a relatively small group of PvP tournament players and teams.
In November 2005, a small group of WGL fans asked for a few minor tweaks to the latest build of WGL. This became WGLZ and its aims were to tweak WGL AI as best as possible. These few minor tweaks have in the last year and a half become a hundreds of modifications, additions, and improvements. On a special note, this is also thanks to these WGL fans, like Bn880, Jinef, lwlooz, Terox and the other Zeus community members!
During this time, many new members have joined the WGL 5 staff, most notably Q and Killswitch.


WGL 5 is a complete conversion for Operation Flashpoint. Its main goal is to create a highly realistic military simulation while still allowing for entertaining and enjoyable single player, cooperative, and multiplayer gameplay.

We have painstakingly researched real-world documentation, conducted interviews with real military members, and thoroughly play-tested this Mod to present you with something more than a game and something less than a true simulation.
The gameplay that you will experience in WGL 5 is significantly different than standard OFP - firefights are more intensive, squad tactics play a much greater role, and use of true combined arms is more important.
However, we also understand that you want to spend your time enjoying the gameplay. A true simulation is significantly different in that it replicates the real world to a much higher degree. This, in turn, often makes less than enjoyable gameplay. While you could conceivably use WGL 5 as a training tool (proper authorization must be obtained first), we have not lost sight of the fact that it is a game at heart – even though our prime focus is on realism.


  • Custom damage system
  • Improved AI
  • New effects (explosion, smoke, etc.)
  • New sounds
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Rucksack system
  • Mortar system
  • Countermeasure system for air units
  • New binoculars / compass / nightvision goggles
  • Reworked target locking system
  • Config_Base and Models_Base system (dynamic adjustment of certain settings and models)
  • No crumble destructionType for tanks
  • No kill messages
  • No MP 'P' scores overview
  • DMA unigen animation pack and leaning

and much more!

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