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Spoiler Warning
The following text contains game spoilers such as story details or mission walkthroughs. Read at your own risk!

This walkthrough is written for ofpr version.gif1.96.

Alternative walkthroughs are available here and here.



  • Get yourself (Victor Troska) to your office in the town hall in the capital of Nogova - Lipany
  • When Russians appear, run away as fast as possible

This mission is natural introduction to OFP Resistance story.

You start at a bus stop in Petrovice. Wait for the bus (ETA 5 min at 7:35), steal a car, or go across the road and take your repaired motorbike from a closed construction site and drive to Lipany (if you choose the motorbike you must get to a gas station). Go to the Town hall and after cutscene you have to get out of the city - head North. You can take a car, run over a RPG soldier, grab his weapons and get rid of Russians, or take a weapon from a dead police officer. It's better not to fight the Russians, just run.


Cutscene. Partisans visit you, but Victor doesn´t want to join and fight with Russians.



  • Make your choice...
  • There's no other option now – you must slip away from your house, and locate the Resistance camp thought to be somewhere around D2.
  • Try to take some weapons with you too.

Location: Your house near Dolina

Time: 0730 hours.

After nice cut-scene you you are extorted by Russians. You can try to negotiate, betray the partisan, or kill Russians and escape.

Best combination is negotiate (you will be honored by points) and kill all the Russians (you can collect lots of weapons for guerrilla). Make a run to your tool shed and take weapon from the wounded partisan (who now is dead) and kill Russian soldiers. Store all their equipment in the Ural truck. Wait for Spetz Natz (they come from West with a helicopter), kill them and transport all their ammunition to the truck. Next solders will drive in Ural. Kill them too and with a RPG destroy the remaining helicopter which is circling around you. Kill the last of the Russians, take a car and try to destroy patrols (Dj31-Dj34), (Fb40-Fd41), Russian position in Dolina (two solders and ammo crate ;-)), three solders in Bludov (beware of tanks in Modrava) and at least one russian tank (for example T72 patrolling in loop Da39;Dg40/Dg41;Ee36), (or BMP patroling in loop Ee31(top right edge); Fd36(top right edge); Ef24(down right edge)). The guerrilla base is at Dc24.

Now you should have ammo for three wars.


  • Success!
    • You've found yourself among friends at last...


  • You rat!
    • Maybe you didn´t conduct yourself as honorably as you could have done - but you're alive, and surely that's the only important thing.

No Turning Back


  • Fight them off at any cost!

Location: Forest, west of Mokropsy

Time: 1030 hours.

Grab the nearest gun and defend yourself, Victor! The Soviets have attacked the Resistance camp. Fight them off at any cost!

A few tanks are coming this way down the forest road from South. But the partisans have prepared an ambush, so-called "plan Kappa". It's centered on a small minefield, which is expected to slow down the tanks. There are also some strategically situated fortifications to help you deal with the enemy infantry. If these enemies are not defeated, no retreat will be possible, and your struggle for the island will have ended before it can begin!

Retreat! The Soviets have been repelled for now, but more could come at any moment. There's a civilian waiting for you with a truck at the junction at Ci21. If you take your own car, leave it there so you're not conspicuous!


  • Mission completed
    • A successful retreat, despite the severe casualties...
  • Captured! // This isn´t possible
    • A Soviet patrol has found and captured you! Next time, you'd better stick more closely to the plan...

Ammo Low


  • Halt the convoy and take control of the two trucks. An ideal place for the attack might be the valley below the camp, but you could pull it off anywhere on the road marked on the map. The convoy will pass through the valley ten minutes from now.
  • Retreat back to the camp.

Location: Forest, east of Mokropsy

Time: 0730 hours.

Make your team board the truck and drive to any suitable ambush position. There will be two trucks with ammo, a T-72 and a BMP in the convoy. The problem with this is that your comrades are morons and will destroy the ammo trucks very easily. When you beat that attack, they will send a T-72 and a BMP which you need to destroy. That should be easy, as there are no soldiers with them. Just mount the truck and drive back to the base.



  • Decide for yourself which way you want to go (use the action menu).
  • Plan A: Infiltrate the Soviet base by yourself, and neutralize the remaining guards. Meanwhile, the others will join up with reinforcements, and you'll call them in later.
  • Plan B: Together with the others, attack the base and get all of the tanks.
  • Call for reinforcements by radio (Alpha 0-0-1). They'll move in to crew up the tanks.

Location: Forest, west of Trosky

Time: 0525 hours.

Your mission starts with the plan B as a default. Whatever you choose, take the tank base first. There are only three soldiers and you can kill them easily. You don't need the reinforcements, you can just take the tanks and drive away. You will meet a T-72 and a BMP on the way.

Field Exercise


  • Destroy the enemy outpost. No one should make it out alive!
  • Seize the enemy base and hold it at all costs.
  • Partisans with grenade launchers are ready on the hills to the North and the East. Receiving your signal (0-0-1), they will start to bombard the base. Then they will take their guns and join the battle.

Location: Forest, west of Mokropsy

Time: 0830 hours.

You have nine men and four tanks. That will be three men in one tank and rest of the tanks will have only gunner and a driver. Head to enemy guard post and kill soldiers camping there. Move to crossroads at Bj23 near Bludov. Head to Modrava base and before reaching, radio in 0-0-1 to order the mortar strike. Two T-72s will arrive from southern road. Make sure to destroy them in time before they have a chance of damaging your tanks.

First Strike


  • The enemy is going to come from the South. Strike at him wherever you want, and eliminate him.

Location: Road south of Modrava base

Time: 0830 hours.

Mount the T-55 and order your 8 and 9 mount your tank to have a full crew. You also have a T-80 and a T-72 in your team. There will be other 6 resistance tanks, but you don't command them. Lot of tank action to be expected.