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Weapon Animation/Adding bipod functionality


This guide is for adding bipod to a weapon which doesn't inherit it from another prefab.

It assumes you already have the weapon setup, animated in all other aspects and solely focus on the bipod.

There is three things we need to do:

  • Setup the deployment points in the prefab
  • Setup the hands position in the prefab
  • Adjust the animations

Deployment points

Start with adding two new deployment points under SCR_WeaponAttachmentsStorageComponent. Click the + twice.

The first point will be our rotation point with the bipods folded and the second point will be used to define the points with the aimpoint down.

Add new Deployment points under the SCR_WeaponAttachmentsStorageComponent

Next we start adjusting the values, the first one will have a system identifier as 0, this will be bipod up.

Notice on the second that we have system identifier as 2, this is bipod down. For this one, also add two stabilization points.

Notice the system identifier and the stabilization points
Move the stablisation points so they are aligned with the bipod, also make sure they are attached to the bone.


Change the position of the hands if needed, as far as I know you can't change fingers etc.