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Top Bar

Snap To Grid while dragging

Snap the moved widget to the nearest grid node.

Draw grid

Draw the position helper grid.


Deselect the currently selected widget(s).

Live Preview

Start a preview window allowing to check resolution/ratio compatibility.


Draw an outline border around all controls. An outline will still appear on mouse hover and selection if this option is disabled.

Grid Size

Define the grid size in pixels - the grid can only be made of squares.

Anchor Grid Size

Set the step of Anchor's manual resize - e.g a step of 25% will allow for a resize to 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%.


Click to reset zoom to 100%. Zoom can be set with Scrollwheel Up/Down.

Root size

Define the base screen's resolution. Minimum officially supported resolution is 1K (1920 × 1080).

From slot

Set the Root size from the slot of the root widget.

Root DPI scaling

Allow to see how the layout looks on a different resolution.


Select a language to see if the UI fits the translated version of the text.

Compact Mode

Set the Hierarchy view on top of Details/Import Settings tabs.

When deselected Hierarchy will appear on the left of the viewport, in its own panel.

This setting is per layout.


This panel lists widgets and their children (subwidgets).

It sports a search bar that allows to look for widgets by their name.

To rename a widget, double-click on it or use the contextual menu.

Contextual Menu

Convert into…

Allow to convert the current widget to another one, keeping its children and its place in hierarchy.

Wrap into…

Allow to have the current widget as the child of another one, keeping its children hierarchy.

Expand hierarchy

Expand/unroll selected widget(s) and all their children.

Collapse hierarchy

Collapse/shrink selected widget(s) and all their children.


Shortcut: Ctrl + C.


Shortcut: Ctrl + V.


Shortcut: Ctrl + D.


Delete selected widget(s) and their children. Shortcut: Del.


Shortcut: F2.

Open prefab

Open the selected prefab widget in a new tab.

Save as prefab

Save selected widget as a prefab.


Deselect current widget.

Properties Tab

The properties Tab sports:

  • a Search field to search by properties name,
  • a widget's Name field to rename the currently selected widget,
  • a Property Grid Options button.

Property Grid Options

Show only modified properties

This option hide all properties that have their default value.

Expand all groups

Expand all property groups (not the properties themselves).

Collapse all groups

Collapse all property groups (not the properties themselves).

Copy all properties

Copy all of the widget properties.

Paste properties

Paste copied properties.

  • Not all property groups will appear for one widget; the following documented ones are the most commonly encountered.
  • It is possible to select and edit multiple widgets at once; if done so, only the properties common to all widgets will appear in the common property groups.

Property Group Options

Right-clicking on a property group will display its contextual menu.

Copy group properties

Copy all properties from this group.

Paste properties

Paste the properties previously copied.

Paste properties here

TODO: this must be updated.



Can be one of:

  • AlignableSlot
  • ButtonWidgetSlot
  • FrameWidgetSlot
  • GridWidgetSlot
  • LayoutSlot
  • OverlayWidgetSlot
  • UniformGridWidgetSlot
  • WidgetSlot
  • WrapLayoutWidgetSlot

Set widget's behaviour on screen "resizing" - from 16/9 to 48/9 (triple screen) for example.

Size To Content

Tell the widget to shrink size around its actual content.

Z Order

Set the widget's z-index: in case of overlapping widgets, the higher z-index goes "above" or "in front of" the others.


Set the clockwise angle of rotation, in degrees - usual range 0..360.


Set the pivot position: default is 0.5, 0.5, the widget's centre.


Is Enabled

Set the widget enabled or not. A text widget will appear greyed out and cannot be selected, a checkbox cannot be checked, etc.

Is Visible

Set widget's and its children's visibility.

Is Pixel Perfect

Define if the widget must be drawn with pixel perfection. More expensive, but more beautiful.


Set widget's and its children's opacity: 0 means fully transparent (invisible but still active), 1 means fully opaque.


Set widget's clipping mode:

  • True - Performs an intersection of this widget's rectangle with the current clipping rectangle and uses it to clip self and children.
  • False - No clipping is performed. This widget's rectangle does not contribute to clipping at all.
  • Ancestor - Performs clipping by current clipping rectangle, but does not add current widget's rectangle to the clipping intersection.
  • Inherit - Take clipping from the parent. If a widget is a root (has no parent), this setting is the same as True.


Add a mouse-hover text tooltip.

Ignore Cursor

Make the selected widget(s) unresponsive to mouse actions.



Set widget content's colour and opacity (RGBA).

Inherit Color

Set widget content's colour inheritance from the widget's parent. If activated, this setting overrides widget's Color.


Set widget's text.

Font Size

Set widget's font size.

Min Font Size

Set widget's minimum font size - for text-resizing widgets.



Set widget's style between default and debugUI.

No focus

Make the widget unable to get focus (e.g by tab navigation).


Add scripts (Components) to the widget.


Define widget children's navigation.

See Widget navigation.


Add widget events, from the following:

  • OnMouseEnter
  • OnMouseLeave
  • OnMouseMove
  • OnMouseButtonDown
  • OnMouseButtonup
  • OnMouseWheel
  • OnMouseDoubleClick
  • OnKeyDown
  • OnKeyUp
  • OnKeyPress
  • OnController
  • OnDrag
  • OnDrop
  • OnDropReceived
  • OnDragging
  • OnDraggingOver
  • OnResize
  • OnChildAdd
  • OnChildRemove
  • OnUpdate
  • OnModalResult
  • OnModalClickOut
  • OnFocus
  • OnFocusLost

Classes Tab

Choose from Basic/Layout/Special widgets and drag and drop in the viewport or in the hierarchy to create such widget.

Last Used Prefabs Tab

Pick from the last used prefabs.