Chain of Command

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Chain of Command



Walker organized The Chain of Command in 2002 around the Command Engine developed by Spinor. So while other mod groups focused on delivering addons and modications of units and vehicles according to a certain theme, the Chain of Command concentrated on delivering scripted systems to the OFP community. So Walker teamed talented mission makers such as abomb and Crassus with scripters known for ambition, if not folly, such as Bn880 (author of The Working Mission), Denoir (creator of a fully functioning Adaptive Neural Network system). Confucius provided support in terms of external tools, notably BinViewer. Later, The Chain of Command would add Dinger (author of an "Artillery Script Suite"), and Jostapo, who would keep Dinger from making too big of a mess, and who was instrumental in coordinating collaboration between The Chain of Command and other mod groups. Matthijs joined the group to provide additional in-house 3-D and 2-D modelling capabilities.

Addon Releases (current)

The Command Engine
CoC Mines
CoC Divers
CoC Torpedoes
CoC Tomahawk Pack
CoC Unified Artillery 1.1
CoC Network Services 2.0
CoC AI on Demand



Homepage: The Chain of Command