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2D Rudedog, Pablo, Sniper Skull, Ironsight
3D Pablo, Sniper Skull, Rudedog, Ironsight
Script raedor, Hellfish6
Code Rudedog, raedor, Hellfish6
Missions Hellfish6, Ironsight
Other Ebud
Betatest We don't need no stinkin' beta testers!
External Parvus


Combat! was formed in 2003 by Rudedog and his brother, Pablo, who were upset by the lack of realistic American vehicles in OFP. After the Bradley pack was released, Combat! became known as the rebel bad boys of the mod scene - unbeholden to any kind of authority and sought by men of justice everywhere. Sniper Skull, a fugitive and deviant, joined Combat! and helped bring the HMMWV and HEMTT pack to the adoring and drooling public. Pablo largely did the M113s on his own - a feat that still shocks and amazes the rest of the team to this day since he didn't screw anything up. Raedor joined the team at some point as well, but he's such a dark and brooding mystery man that nobody is really sure that he even exists! In the interim, Hellfish6 - the beacon of maturity, intelligence, male beauty and style was dragged into the cesspool that is Combat! and, while he isn't very useful, he does keep the troops entertained with his witty banter.

In preparations for spreading the team's depravity and fetish for realism to Armed Assault, we've expanded our team even further.

Stay tuned for what's up next.

Addon Releases

Bradley Pack v1.4 link courtesy of

M113 Pack v1.2 link courtesy of

M901 Pack v1.0 link courtesy of

M577 Pack v1.0 link courtesy of

HMMWV Pack 1.2.1 link courtesy of

HEMMT Pack v1.0 link courtesy of


M 577


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