Project 1985

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Project 1985


2D vilas, topas
3D vilas
Released April 2009
Version November 2010
Link Config (dead link)
Vehicles (dead link)
Troops (dead link)
Weapons (dead link)
Bikey (dead link)


This mod deals about Cold War armies during the year 1985. The mod was a reform of the Germany 1985 Mod for ArmA who was never released.

This mod comes in four addon packs. It was first released for ArmA in April 2009 and converted in November 2009 for Arma 2.



  • USA (US Army 1985 & 1999)
  • United Kingdom (Paratroopers)
  • West Germany (Bundeswehr)


  • USSR (Red Army)
  • Poland (LWP)
  • East Germany (NVA)
  • Russian Federation (1999 Bonus Units)


  • Rebels


The most of the content are also found in the ArmA original release. Here some featured new content that is include in the mod.

Faction Unit specials Uniform specials
USA Ford Mutt, 5ton Trucks, M60, LAV-25, M16A1 M1 Helmets
USSR BMP-1, BTR-70, T-64, Su-25, SCUD Afghan & KLMK Camo
Poland Star Truck, 2S1, Mi-2 Experimental camo
East Germany MPi-74, BTR-60, T-55 Paratroopers
West Germany VW 83 Iltis, MAN 630L, Marder 1A2, JPz Jaguar, Leopard 1/2, G3A3 Paratroopers
United Kingdom Landrover Jeeps, L1A1 Rifles -
Russian Federation BMP-3, T-90 -

Additional Addon Packs

  • New Poland Army (NPL) Download (dead link)
  • West Weapon Pack Download (dead link)
  • Russian Weapon Pack Download (dead link)
  • Weaponholders Pack Download (dead link)


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