Suppressive Fire

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AI using suppressive fire

Basic principle

AI uses suppressive fire when some enemy is known (was seen), but it cannot be currently hit (line of fire blocked by some obstacle). Suppression is done by firing at the last position where line of fire was clear, and only when line of fire from AI current position to this last position is currently clear.

Suppressive fire is used only when current unit behaviour is combat or stealth or when explicitly ordered. Moreover, firing must be enabled (there is no suppressive fire when unit is "holding fire", even when suppressive fire is ordered). Explicitly ordered suppressive fire is more intense.

Suppressive fire is done only by weapons firing bullets. The more bullets are available for the weapon, the more intense suppressive fire is used. Moreover, recently seen targets are suppressed more intensely than old ones.

Additional rules

Given conditions above are satisfied, additional rules for AI to use suppressive fire are applicable:

  • soldiers provide suppressive fire only when ordered or when current unit position is suitable (unit in cover)