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I get an enum error trying to use disableAI the "WEAPONAIM" on a unit in v1.80. This should be documented when it was discontinued. zectbumo (talk)
RE: I don't know if it doesn't work in 1.80, but it clearly works in current RC branch (1.82 Tanks). Lou Montana (talk) 13:38, 5 April 2018 (CEST)

BI devs should think about disabling AI to give orders for a group

It's a big lack, imho. When a player is leader of a group and he's hit falling unconscious, an AI takes the lead of the group and... orders very, very, dumb move, mount, dismount... a real confusion while the player is unconscious, ruining all strategy. No! The AIs can't elaborate useful plan during combat!.

leader group disableAI "GIVEORDER" should shut up (like "RADIOPRTOCOL") AND block the poorly-minded AI plan.