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Figured out some more eventhandler and infos:

Event Fired Notes and Parameters
SelectObject Select object with left mouse button _this array: [mapControl <control>, Variable-Name <string>, EditorObject <object>]

Does not fire if you select multiple objects with dragging a square around them!

MouseOver Mouse pointer over an object (Map or ObjectTree!). _this array: [mapControl <control>, Variable-Name <string>, EditorObject <object>].
If mouse leaves object it will also be fired and _this array: [mapControl, "", <NULL-Object>]
RestartCamera EditorCamera was restarted (by button or by scriptcommand restartEditorCamera) _this array: [mapControl <control>]
not verified, but maybe valid

--HeliJunkie 21:26, 5 November 2010 (CET)