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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Operation Flashpoint
Breathe Site (dead link)


Visitor 2 is an island mapping tool created by Bohemia Interactive. This tool allows users to build thier own islands from scratch.
Install guide
After you have extracted all of the files in the root of a created disk space or mounted one you will need to add some information to the configuration screen in Visitor 2 before you can begin building your island.
  1. -> Tools -> System Preferences
  2. Basic folder : *Add the path for your island (ie : X:\island)
  3. Textures : Same as above (dont know why you could'nt put textures in other folder than the same of the main file of your island...)
  4. Natures Objects : I suggest you to put only the root disk here ie : X:\ (like this you could put all addons you want to includes in your island just by extracting it in the root disk.
  5. Artificial Objects : same as above
  6. Forests and Roads : same as above
  7. World files : same as point *2*
After you have completed the setup you will need to reload the program. Enjoy creating your new island ;)



Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement
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