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Returns mission root plus the filename in a form of filepath to be used with commands requiring absolute path such as playSound3D, drawIcon3D, createSimpleObject, etc. Any leading "\" in the filename will be stripped as the mission root includes one already.
SystemMission Information


getMissionPath filename
filename: String
Return Value:
String - absolute path


Example 1:
// returns e.g "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arma 3\missions\MissionName.Altis\icons\myIcon.paa" private _path = getMissionPath "icons\myIcon.paa"; private _path = getMissionPath "\icons\myIcon.paa"; // leading \ is also fine
Example 2:
// returns e.g "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arma 3\missions\MissionName.Altis\" with the trailing \ private _root = getMissionPath "";

Additional Information

See also:
missionConfigFile playSound3D drawIcon3D createSimpleObject description.ext playSoundUI


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Lou Montana - c
Posted on Apr 18, 2023 - 20:54 (UTC)
Before the introduction of getMissionPath, absolute mission directory could be obtained as follow in config:
__EXEC(MISSION_DIRECTORY = __FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15])
// ...
texture = __EVAL(MISSION_DIRECTORY + "subDirectory\texture.paa");