Community Configuration Project – ArmA: Armed Assault

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Armed Assault: Community Configuration Project intends to allow community to contribute to the next official update for Armed Assault directly via config files fixes and tweaks.

Anyone from Armed Assault editing community will be able to contribute to this project (please make sure to read and understand licensing terms of this wikipedia where the contributions will be posted: copyright for content submited to

All official config side fixes already made by Bohemia Interactive after ArmA: Armed Assault: Update 1.14 will be also listed in this category.

Few initial notes:

  • only cpp, hpp and csv files will be modified and no new files will be added
  • only following addons can be modified: bin.pbo, hotfix.pbo, hotfix_dbe1.pbo, language.pbo

Next steps:

  • Bohemia Interactive will release source configuration files of related addons
  • subcategories for every addon modified will be created here