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ArmA: Dedicated Server v1.08.5169 is a beta release of the dedicated server for ArmA. It is available for both the Windows and Linux platforms.

Change Log

  • 5164 - Fixed: Handling of invalid CD keys on dedicated servers improved
  • 5164 - Fixed: Signature verification timeout significantly relaxed
  • 5164 - Fixed: assignToAirport did the same as landAt. Now it assigns for purpose of future getout commands
  • 5164 - Fixed: MP: Player driving motorcycle could die suddenly with no apparent reason
  • 5164 - Fixed: spinning in select() on Linux Dedicated Server


ArmA: Dedicated Server v1.08.5169 is available from the BI FTP server. Note: The Linux download link listed below is now at a higher version than v1.08.5169.

Windows: (dead link) (2.43MB, Release: October 16th 2007)

Linux: server-1.08.tar.bz2 (dead link) (3.9MB, Release: October 18th 2007)

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