FSM Danger Causes – Arma 2

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DCEnemyDetected (0)

The first enemy detected.

Send to all units in a group which was not aware of any enemies once an enemy is detected.

DCFire (1)

A unit firing at another unit was seen.

Notes: - one "firing" can be seen by multiple units - when unit is firing several bullets, one event is sent for each bullet

DCHit (2)

A vehicle hit was by a shot.

DCEnemyNear (3)

Unit knows it was seen ("disclosed") by an enemy (the enemy knows about the unit)

DCExplosion (4)

Ammo impact (explosion or a bullet hit) detected (seen or heard).

DCDeadBodyGroup (5)

Dead soldier from my group found, or a kill seen of a soldier in my group.

Notes: - when a dead body is found, triggered by the first unit seeing the body - when kill is seen, event is sent to each unit seeing the kill

DCDeadBody (6)

Dead soldier not from my group found. It can be triggered either by encountering a dead body, or by seeing a unit being killed.

Notes: - when a dead body is found, this event is triggered by a first unit in each group which has seen a body - when a kill is seen, this event is triggered for each unit seeing the kill

DCScream (7)

Scream heard (a non-head hit produces scream, useful to detect a silenced weapon attacks)

DCCanFire (8)

A new firing opportunity available. Reported when a unit can fire an enemy for the first time (was not know before, or was hidden behind a cover).