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The Garbage Collector (GC) is a module that helps cleaning up dynamically created content. It is used by many other modules, since we cannot indefinitely keep adding content while playing a mission. You may trash certain types of content and the module will remove it from the game in a hopefully smart way (for instance by removing a unit only when it is some distance away).




Modules (F7) > Garbage Collector



Editor Setup

  • Add a unit to the Garbage Collector via 0 = [unit] execVM "ca\modules\garbage_collector\data\scripts\trashIt.sqf";. You can refer to the Garbage Collector using BIS_GC.


  • Garbage Collector will check every 10 seconds if its queue is empty.
  • It then processes the queue checking if these units are dead or not, and destroy them if they are.
  • It checks if the player's group is not too close (< 500m) before effectively destroy the unit.