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Animation names follow a scheme which is described in AnimationTitles.


Name Description
AcinPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon Standing still while dragging another unit
AcinPknlMwlkSrasWrflbd Walking backwards while dragging another unit


Name Description
ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Sykes Tied up sitting against wall (Sykes)
ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Ohara Tied up sitting against wall (O'Hara)
ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Cooper Tied up sitting against wall (Cooper)
ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Rodriguez Tied up sitting against wall (Rodriguez)
ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Miles (delayed beginning) Standing with hands bound, then moving
ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Homeless Pacing with rifle in on hand, walking in the air, then falling dead
ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Nikitin Rifle resting on top of shoulder, hand over the stock, then giving a talk, and orders
ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Kostey Holding rifle, checking over shoulder at prisoners, then talking to them, then being shot
ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Lopotev1 Standing and talking, then moving to ActsPercMstpSlowWpstDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Lopotev2
ActsPercMstpSlowWpstDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Lopotev2 Executing a prisoners, giving orders, then walking off
ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Bardak Talking with hands together, then moving away
ActsPercMstpSgthWmagDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_USflashbang1 (delayed beginning) Disoriented by a flashbang
ActsPercMstpSgthWmagDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_USflashbang2 (delayed beginning) Disoriented by a flashbang
ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Adamson (delayed beginning) Entering a building and clearing it
ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Simms - ' '
ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Steve - ' '
ActsPercMrunSlowWrflDf_FlipFlopPara (Evasive) Running forward and performing combat roll
ActsPercMrunSlowWrflDf_TumbleOver (Evasive) Running forward, fall onto face, get back up and continue
AmovPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDr_HideFromFire (Evasive) Side-stepping to the right
AmovPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_ActsPpneMstpSlowWrflDr_GrenadeEscape (Evasive) Running to right, then falling heavily on side,
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardak01 Standing with arms by sides, then raising hands above head in surrender, crouching, then moving to ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardak02
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardak02 Crouched, falling backwards after being hit, writhing in pain
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardakPistol01 Scene with pistol drawn, talking, moves to ... 02
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardakPistol02 Executing prisoners, talking on radio
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardakRifle01 Scene with rifle drawn, talking, moves to ... 02
ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardakRifle02 Executing prisoners, talking on radio
ActsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_varStayLeant Leaning against something, no anim
ActsPsitMstpSnonWnonDnon_varSittingDrinking Sitting on chair/wall?
ActsPsitMstpSnonWnonDnon_varSittingOnTheWall Sitting on chair/wall? (no anim)
ActsPsitMstpSnonWnonDnon_varSittingSleeping01 Sitting on chair/wall, sleeping (no anim)
ActsPsitMstpSnonWnonDnon_varSittingSleeping02 Sitting on chair/wall, sleeping, tightly hunched (no anim)
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_tableSupport_TalkA Leaning forward on table, talking (auomatically goes to ...TalkOut)
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_tableSupport_TalkB Leaning forward on table, talking (auomatically goes to ...TalkOut)
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_tableSupport_TalkC Leaning forward on table, talking (auomatically goes to ...TalkOut)
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_tableSupport_TalkIn Transition to leaning on table (auomatically goes to ...TalkOut)
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_tableSupport_TalkOut Transition from leaning on table


Name Description
AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_GetOutHigh Disembark from drivers position of APC


Name Description
AdthPercMstpSlowWrf_beating Standing with weapon lowered, falls back dead
AdthPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_NikitinDead Standing with rifle raised, falls back dead


Name Description
aidlpercmstpsraswrfldnon_idlesteady01n Standing idle, weapon lowered at waist
aidlpknlmstpslowwrfldnon_idlesteady02 Kneeling idle, weapon lowered
aidlppnemstpsraswrfldnon0s Lying on the ground, sighting along weapon
AidlPercSnonWnonDnon_talk1 Speaking (no weapons)
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_layDown Lay down on back
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_sleep Loop of below 3?
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_sleep1..3 Various lying down on back sleeping idle anims
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_standUp Standing up from lying on back
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_death Dying while lying on back
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepB_layDown Lying down on back, not sleeping
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepB_sleep1..5 Various lying down on back idle anims
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepB_standUp Standing up from above positions
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepB_death Dying
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_killFly Trying to kill a fly, slapping his leg
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_layDown Lying down on side, head propped on arm
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_lookAround -
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_scratch -
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_sleep -
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_sleep0 -
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_talk -
AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_standUp Standing up from lying on side


Name Description
AinjPfalMstpSnonWrflDnon_carried_down Injured unit being returned to ground after being carried on shoulder
AinjPfalMstpSnonWrflDnon_carried_up Injured unit being picked up and put on shoulder
AinjPfalMstpSnonWrflDnon_carried_still Injured unit lying still while being carried on shoulder
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDb_grab Injured unit being grabbed as part of drag animation
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDb_release Injured unit placed back on ground after being dragged
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDb_still Injured unit lying still while being dragged
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon Roll around on back injured twitching and gasping
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltoback Roll onto back injured
AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltofront Roll onto front injured


Name Description
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic Kneel over person, drop weapon (to begin work), lay both hands over body
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic0 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, unroll and apply bandage across body from centre to right then smooth out
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic1 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, stab and inject syringe into body
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic2 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, shake item (eg: powder) over body
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic3 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, apply bandage across body at centre then smooth out
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic4 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, wrap bandage around body part a couple times, then pat
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic5 Kneeling over person, reach right side pouch, lay both hands over body
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic0 Kneeling over person, applying CPR
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic1 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, apply bandage at far left, then smooth out
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic2 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, wrap bandage around far left body part a couple times
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic3 Kneeling over person, perform consciousness check, tap cheek a few times, slap face
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic4 Kneeling over person, perform visual examination, stretching to right, checking both sides of body
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic5 Kneeling over person, reach in backpack, wrap bandage around right body part a few times, with final check by patting each side
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medicEnd Go from kneeling over person back to standing upright
AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic Seems to be final portion of AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDnon_medic. Kneeling. Switch from having right knee down, left knee up to both knees down.


Name Description
ErcRflLow_sitRfl_L Transition to sitting, left, from rifle low
ErcRflLow_sitRfl_R Transition to sitting, right, from rifle low
ErcRflLow_sitTable Transition to sitting on a table, from rifle low
ErcRflLow_sitUnarm_L Transition to sitting, left, no weapons/weapons on back
ErcRflLow_sitUnarm_R Transition to sitting, right, no weapons/weapons on back


Name Description


Name Description
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle56kliky Full workout
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle68boxing Boxing
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle69drepy Squat, jump, stretch, kick only
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle70chozeniPoRukou Hand-stands
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle71kliky Pushups + getting tierd
AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle72lehSedy Situps
AmovPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_Salute Salute
amovpercmevasraswrfldf Sprinting
amovpercmrunsraswrfldf Running
amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_acrgpknlmstpsnonwnondnon_getinhigh Mount APC as driver
amovpercmstpslowwrfldnon_acinpknlmwlkslowwrfldb_1 Transition to dragging another unit
amovpercmstpslowwrfldnon_amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon Transition from standing to sitting
amovpercmstpsraswrfldnon_amovpknlmstpslowwrfldnon Transition from standing to kneeling - gun lowered
amovpknlmstpslowwrfldnon_amovpercmstpsraswrfldnon Transition from kneeling to standing - gun lowered
amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon_amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon Transition from lying to kneeling
amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon_turnl Turn left while kneeling
amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon_turnr Turn right while kneeling
amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon_amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon Transition from kneeling to lying
amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon_amovpercmstpslowwrfldnon Transition from sitting to standing
amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon_smoking Sitting smoking
amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon_weaponcheck1 Sitting checking weapon
amovpercmstpsraswrfldnon_gear Getting gear from standing
amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon_gear Getting gear from kneeling


Name Description
AsigPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_AmovPercMrunSlowWrflDnon_GoGo Motioning for people behind to follow, then running forward
AsigPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_GoGo Motioning for people behind to go ahead
AsigPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_SendMenInAction Crouching with weapon, pointing to men to his left, ends standing


Name Description
aav_driver Driver APC
aav_cargo01 Ride on top of APC
aav_gunner APC gunner
aav_gunner_out APC gunner turned out
stryker_cargo01 Cargo APC
ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_carFixing2 fixing animation (downwards)
sitUnarm_L_idleLoop_inUH1Y Sitting like the officer in manhatan FOB (thats where i got the last 5)
RepairingKneel fixing animation (forwards)
otockaErcRflLow_180leva 180 degree turn with rifle lowered
LHD_hiDeck Patrolling on raised surface, looking over rails
LHD_krajPaluby Walking back and forth, looking into distance while shielding eyes from sun, looking down over railing
LHD_midDeck Walking back and forth, mostly looking at something below and to his right
NavigationHeli Uses hand signals to marshal a helicopter to the ground
UnaErc_UnaErcPoslechVelitele Transition from hands by sides to hands behind back
UnaErcPoslechVelitele1..4 hands behind back (no weapons/weapon on back)
UnaErcPoslechVelitile_UnaErc Transition back to hands by sides
i0_player Combat animation sequence.
i0_s2 Combat animation sequence.
i0_s3 Combat animation sequence.
i0_seargent Giving orders, runs to position, fighting, gets shot and falls over dead.
i0_seargentDeath Lying on ground, dead.
CtsDoktor_Doktor_death Sitting on chair, hands tied behind back, die
CtsDoktor_Doktor_idleni1 Sitting on chair, hands tied behind back, idle anims
CtsDoktor_Doktor_idleni2 .. 6 Sitting on chair, hands tied, then standing with hands freed (also ...idleni0)
CtsDoktor_Doktor_uder1 .. 3 As above
CtsDoktor_Doktor_uder4 .. 5 Sitting on chair, hands tied, being hit in face
CtsDoktor_Vojak_hulakani1 .. 2 Standing with weapon lowered
CtsDoktor_Vojak_uder1 .. 3 Hitting sitting victim with rifle
CtsDoktor_Vojak_unaerc2vyslechStand Standing with weapon lowered, some forward/back movement
CtsDoktor_Vojak_vyslechStand2unaerc Standing with weapon lowered, some forward/back movement
CtsDoktor_Vojak_vyslechStand2unaerc_reverse Standing with weapon lowered, some forward/back movement
c1galkina_svazanyMuzDeath Sitting with hands tied behind back, dies
CivilDead01 Non-animated, lying sprawled on back, weapon in front of feet
CivilLying01 Lying on face with hands behind back (not animated)
CivilSitting Sitting with hands behind back (not animated)
CivilSitting1..3 Sitting with hands behind back, idle animations
animviewcontrol Standing with rifle lowered, turns to left, places weapon on ground, leans down and places hands on desk/table
C5efe_alex Leaning/slouched against desk/rail in front
c5efe_AlexDeath Leaning/slouched against desk/rail in front... then dying
c5efe_AlexLoopInGame Leaning/slouched against desk/rail in front
c7a_bravo_ErcTOdovadeni1..7 Transition from arms at side to one of the below
c7a_bravo_dovadeni1 Clapping with both hands above head
c7a_bravo_dovadeni1TOerc Returning hands to sides from above
c7a_bravo_dovadeni2 Pumping right fist above head
c7a_bravo_dovadeni2TOerc Returning hands to sides from above
c7a_bravo_dovadeni3 Pumping left fist above head
c7a_bravo_dovadeni3TOerc Returning hands to sides from above
c7a_bravo_dovadeni4 Pumping both fists out in front
c7a_bravo_dovadeni4TOerc Returning hands to sides from above
c7a_bravo_dovadeni5 Pumping left fist out in front
c7a_bravo_dovadeni5TOerc Returning hands to sides from above
c7a_bravo_dovadeni6 -
c7a_bravo_dovadeni7 -
c7a_bravoErcTOknl Going to kneel from hands to sides
c7a_bravoKnl_idle Just stands back up from the kneel
c7a_bravoKnl_idle1..3 Clapping etc. while kneeling
c7a_bravoTleskani_idle1..5 Clapping while standing
c7a_bravoTleskaniTOerc Transition from above moves
c7a_bravoTOerc_idle1..28 Various standing applause type animations (short)
C7A_longWalk A straight walk of about 50m, repositions character
C7A_man1s..4s A straight walk of about 50m, salutes at end
HaloFreeFall_non Free falling position for halo/para jump.


Name Description
cooper_c0briefing Sitting in chair, hands between knees in lap, some idle animations
cooper_c0briefing_loop0 ???
cooper_c0briefing_loop1..8 Standing up from sitting position (all the same?)
miles_c0briefing Sitting in chair, hands between knees in lap, some idle animations
miles_c0briefing_odpovedel ???
miles_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop Sitting in chair, legs apart (no anims?)
miles_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop0 ???
miles_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop1..5 Short idle animations, no looping
miles_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop6 Short idle animation, different sitting posture
miles_c0briefing_odpovedelSada From standing: nods, gestures with hands, turns and sits (in chair), another hand gesture
miles_c0briefing_otazky_loop0 ???
miles_c0briefing_otazky_loop1..3 Idle anim, standing, weapon on back
miles_c0briefing_otazky_loop4 Idle anim, standing, weapon on back (different direction to above)
miles_c0briefing_uvodniRec Standing with weapon on back, many gestures (talking?), sits down for a bit, stands up
ohara_c0briefing Sitting in chair, hands between knees in lap, some idle animations, then standing
ohara_c0briefing_loop0..5 All seem to be standing up from sitting in a chair
ohara_c0briefing_vztyk Standing up from sitting.
promitac_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop0..3 Sitting, hands on knees, idle anims (tapping left foot)
promitac_c0briefing_odpovedelSeda Standing, reaches to turn something on(?), turns left 90' and sits in chair, idle anims
promitac_c0briefing_otazky Similar to above.
promitac_c0briefing_otazky_loop0..6 All seem same as above.
promitac_c0briefing_uvodniProslov Turns radio off (?), leaning on table, turns back on, sits down
rodriguez_c0briefing Sitting in chair, one hand on knee other between legs, idle anims, then stands
rodriguez_c0briefing_loop0 ???
rodriguez_c0briefing_loop1..7 Idle anims while sitting.
rodriguez_c0briefing_vztyk Standing up from sitting.
shaftoe_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop Sitting in chair, leaning back
shaftoe_c0briefing_odpovedelSeda Standing, gestures, walks to left and sits in chair
shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky ???
shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky_loop Similar to odpovedelSeda
shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky_loop0 ???
shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky_loop1..5 Similar to otazky_loop, slightly different starts?
shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky_loop6 Standing with arms crossed.
shaftoe_c0briefing_uvodniRec Standing, points to right, waves, sits down on chair, idles, stands up and moves a bit, sits down in same chair
sykes_c0briefing Sitting in chair, leaning back, hands on thighs, idle anims, standing
sykes_c0briefing_loop0 ???
sykes_c0briefing_loop1..7 Idle anims while sitting.
sykes_c0briefing_vztyk Standing up from sitting.
armstrong_c0start Standing, weapon on back, lots of gestures - long speech/briefing? - ends with salute.
cooper1_c0start Standing, hands by side, weapon on back, idle anims, ends with salute
miles1_c0start Standing, hands clasped in front, weapon on back, idle anims, turns and looks behind, sits on ground, stands, salutes and nods a few times
ohara_c0start Standing, immediately sits on ground, idle anims, stands with hands clasped behind back, nods, hands to sides
rodriguez1_c0start Standing, leaning on table behind him, hoists self onto table, gets back down, salutes
sykes1_c0start Standing, hands by side, squats, stands, salutes a few times
zevl1_c0start Standing, hands by side, weapon on back, some movement to the left
zevl2_c0start Standing, arms crossed, pumps right fist then re-crosses arms, pumps both hands
zevl3bedna_c0start Standing with rifle lowered, long idle anim sequence
zevl4_c0start Standing with weapon on back, arms behind back, idle anim sequence including brief salute and fist pumps
zevl5_c0start Standing with weapon on back, left hand on hip, idle anim sequence including fist pumps
zevl6_c0start Similar to other zevl...c0start animations.
zevl7_c0start Similar to other zevl...c0start animations.
cooper1_c1briefing Walking with weapon lowered, turns 180 and crouches, scans area, turns again, stays kneeled (briefing?), stands
miles2_c1briefing Similar to above.
ohara1_c1briefing Similar to above.
rodriguez1_c1briefing Similar to above.
sykes1_c1briefing Similar to above.
C4_briefing_cooper Standing with rifle lowered, then sitting in chair
C4_briefing_ohara Sitting in chair.
C4_briefing_rodriguez Sitting in chair.
C4_briefing_sykes Leaning on table in front of him