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An identity declaration is done with setIdentity command, and its declaration looks like this:

class CfgIdentities
	class SomeGuy
		face = "WhiteHead_10";
		glasses = "G_Tactical_Clear";
		name = "Adams";
		nameSound = "Adams";
		pitch = 1.0;
		speaker = "Male01ENG";
See also the Description.ext - CfgIdentities chapter.


className Name Note
Default Default face
Custom Custom face
PersianHead_A3_01 Bahadur
PersianHead_A3_02 Jalali
PersianHead_A3_03 Sabet
PersianHead_A3_04_a Bahadur (Arid)
PersianHead_A3_04_l Bahadur (Lush)
PersianHead_A3_04_sa Bahadur (Semi-Arid)
WhiteHead_01 Bayh
WhiteHead_02 Burr
WhiteHead_03 Coburn
WhiteHead_04 Collins
WhiteHead_05 Campbell
WhiteHead_06 Dayton
WhiteHead_07 Dorgan
WhiteHead_08 Halliwell
WhiteHead_09 Johnson
WhiteHead_10 Martinez
WhiteHead_11 Kirby
WhiteHead_12 Reed
WhiteHead_13 Santorum
WhiteHead_14 Smith
WhiteHead_15 Snowe
WhiteHead_16 Kelly
WhiteHead_17 O'Connor
WhiteHead_18 Byrne
WhiteHead_19 O'Brien
WhiteHead_20 Walsh
WhiteHead_21 O'Sullivan
WhiteHead_22_a Kirby (Arid)
WhiteHead_22_l Kirby (Lush)
WhiteHead_22_sa Kirby (Semi-Arid)
AfricanHead_01 Williams
AfricanHead_02 Hasan
AfricanHead_03 Jesus
GreekHead_A3_01 Athanasiadis
GreekHead_A3_02 Baros
GreekHead_A3_03 Constantinou
GreekHead_A3_04 Costas
GreekHead_A3_05 Doukas
GreekHead_A3_06 Gikas
GreekHead_A3_07 Christou
GreekHead_A3_08 Kanelloupou
GreekHead_A3_09 Savalas
GreekHead_A3_10_a Baros (Arid)
GreekHead_A3_10_l Baros (Lush)
GreekHead_A3_10_sa Baros (Semi-Arid)
AsianHead_A3_01 Ximi
AsianHead_A3_02 Jeong
AsianHead_A3_03 Tung
Nikos Nikos Hidden
Miller Miller Hidden
Kerry Default face Hidden
Kerry_A_F Default face Hidden
kerry_B1_F Default face Hidden
kerry_B2_F Default face Hidden
Kerry_C_F Default face Hidden
IG_Leader Stavrou Hidden
O_Colonel Namdar Hidden
Jay Jay Hidden
Ivan Ivan Hidden
Pettka Pettka Hidden
Dwarden Dwarden Hidden
Hladas Dr. Hladík Hidden
CamoHead_White_01_F Camo_White_01 Hidden
CamoHead_White_02_F Camo_White_02 Hidden
CamoHead_White_03_F Camo_White_03 Hidden
CamoHead_White_04_F Camo_White_04 Hidden
CamoHead_White_05_F Camo_White_05 Hidden
CamoHead_White_06_F Camo_White_06 Hidden
CamoHead_White_07_F Camo_White_07 Hidden
CamoHead_White_08_F Camo_White_08 Hidden
CamoHead_White_09_F Camo_White_09 Hidden
CamoHead_White_10_F Camo_White_10 Hidden
CamoHead_White_11_F Camo_White_11 Hidden
CamoHead_White_12_F Camo_White_12 Hidden
CamoHead_White_13_F Camo_White_13 Hidden
CamoHead_White_14_F Camo_White_14 Hidden
CamoHead_White_15_F Camo_White_15 Hidden
CamoHead_White_16_F Camo_White_16 Hidden
CamoHead_White_17_F Camo_White_17 Hidden
CamoHead_White_18_F Camo_White_18 Hidden
CamoHead_White_19_F Camo_White_19 Hidden
CamoHead_White_20_F Camo_White_20 Hidden
CamoHead_White_21_F Camo_White_21 Hidden
CamoHead_African_01_F Camo_African_01 Hidden
CamoHead_African_02_F Camo_African_02 Hidden
CamoHead_African_03_F Camo_African_03 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_01_F Camo_Greek_01 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_02_F Camo_Greek_02 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_03_F Camo_Greek_03 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_04_F Camo_Greek_04 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_05_F Camo_Greek_05 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_06_F Camo_Greek_06 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_07_F Camo_Greek_07 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_08_F Camo_Greek_08 Hidden
CamoHead_Greek_09_F Camo_Greek_09 Hidden
CamoHead_Asian_01_F Camo_Asian_01 Hidden
CamoHead_Asian_02_F Camo_Asian_02 Hidden
CamoHead_Asian_03_F Camo_Asian_03 Hidden
CamoHead_Persian_01_F Camo_Persian_01 Hidden
CamoHead_Persian_02_F Camo_Persian_02 Hidden
CamoHead_Persian_03_F Camo_Persian_03 Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_01 Simo
TanoanHead_A3_02 Adnet
TanoanHead_A3_03 Cahun
TanoanHead_A3_04 Ganio
TanoanHead_A3_05 Malet
TanoanHead_A3_06 Solé
TanoanHead_A3_07 Mignard
TanoanHead_A3_08 Thibaud
TanoanBossHead Solomon Maru Hidden
AsianHead_A3_04 Lee
AsianHead_A3_05 Chan
AsianHead_A3_06 Yeung
AsianHead_A3_07 Wong
GreekHead_A3_11 Gavras
GreekHead_A3_12 Markos
GreekHead_A3_13 Alexis
GreekHead_A3_14 Dimitrou
WhiteHead_23 Nathan
Barklem Barklem
Mavros Mavros
Sturrock Sturrock
Ioannou Ioannou
WhiteHead_24 Čapek
WhiteHead_25 Dillon
WhiteHead_26 Homewood
WhiteHead_27 Kesson
WhiteHead_28 Kingsly
WhiteHead_29 Severov
WhiteHead_30 Smolko
WhiteHead_31 Stype
WhiteHead_32 Rudwell
LivonianHead_1 Nowak
LivonianHead_2 Górecki
LivonianHead_3 Kowalski
LivonianHead_4 Stolarski
LivonianHead_5 Burak
LivonianHead_6 Kawa
LivonianHead_7 Janowski
LivonianHead_8 Sternik
LivonianHead_9 Zieliński
LivonianHead_10 Rabinowicz
RussianHead_1 Ivanov
RussianHead_2 Petrenko
RussianHead_3 Krupin
RussianHead_4 Adamovich
RussianHead_5 Yakhin
AfricanHead_01_sick AfricanHead_01_sick Hidden
AfricanHead_02_sick AfricanHead_02_sick Hidden
AfricanHead_03_sick AfricanHead_03_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_01_sick AsianHead_A3_01_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_02_sick AsianHead_A3_02_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_03_sick AsianHead_A3_03_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_04_sick AsianHead_A3_04_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_05_sick AsianHead_A3_05_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_06_sick AsianHead_A3_06_sick Hidden
AsianHead_A3_07_sick AsianHead_A3_07_sick Hidden
GreekHead_A3_01_sick GreekHead_A3_01_sick Hidden
GreekHead_A3_02_sick GreekHead_A3_02_sick Hidden
GreekHead_A3_03_sick GreekHead_A3_03_sick Hidden
GreekHead_A3_04_sick GreekHead_A3_04_sick Hidden
PersianHead_A3_01_sick PersianHead_A3_01_sick Hidden
PersianHead_A3_02_sick PersianHead_A3_02_sick Hidden
PersianHead_A3_03_sick PersianHead_A3_03_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_01_sick TanoanHead_A3_01_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_02_sick TanoanHead_A3_02_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_03_sick TanoanHead_A3_03_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_04_sick TanoanHead_A3_04_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_05_sick TanoanHead_A3_05_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_06_sick TanoanHead_A3_06_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_07_sick TanoanHead_A3_07_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_08_sick TanoanHead_A3_08_sick Hidden
TanoanHead_A3_09 Old Man
TanoanBossHead_sick TanoanBossHead_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_16_sick WhiteHead_16_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_17_sick WhiteHead_17_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_18_sick WhiteHead_18_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_19_sick WhiteHead_19_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_20_sick WhiteHead_20_sick Hidden
WhiteHead_21_sick WhiteHead_21_sick Hidden
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An incorrect face name will revert man's face to Default.
Extraction script can be found on the Biki Export Scripts page.


className Name
None None
G_Spectacles Spectacle Glasses
G_Spectacles_Tinted Tinted Spectacles
G_Combat Combat Goggles
G_Lowprofile Low Profile Goggles
G_Shades_Black Shades (Black)
G_Shades_Green Shades (Green)
G_Shades_Red Shades (Red)
G_Squares Square Spectacles
G_Squares_Tinted Square Shades
G_Sport_BlackWhite Sport Shades (Shadow)
G_Sport_Blackyellow Sport Shades (Poison)
G_Sport_Greenblack Sport Shades (Yetti)
G_Sport_Checkered Sport Shades (Style)
G_Sport_Red Sport Shades (Fire)
G_Tactical_Black Tactical Shades
G_Aviator Aviator Glasses
G_Lady_Blue Ladies Shades
G_Diving Diving Goggles
G_B_Diving Diving Goggles [NATO]
G_O_Diving Diving Goggles [CSAT]
G_I_Diving Diving Goggles [AAF]
G_Goggles_VR VR Goggles
G_Balaclava_blk Balaclava (Black)
G_Balaclava_oli Balaclava (Olive)
G_Balaclava_combat Balaclava (Combat Goggles)
G_Balaclava_lowprofile Balaclava (Low Profile Goggles)
G_Bandanna_blk Bandana (Black)
G_Bandanna_oli Bandana (Olive)
G_Bandanna_khk Bandana (Khaki)
G_Bandanna_tan Bandana (Tan)
G_Bandanna_beast Bandana (Beast)
G_Bandanna_shades Bandana (Shades)
G_Bandanna_sport Bandana (Sport)
G_Bandanna_aviator Bandana (Aviator)
G_Shades_Blue Shades (Blue)
G_Sport_Blackred Sport Shades (Vulcan)
G_Tactical_Clear Tactical Glasses
G_Balaclava_TI_blk_F Stealth Balaclava (Black)
G_Balaclava_TI_tna_F Stealth Balaclava (Green)
G_Balaclava_TI_G_blk_F Stealth Balaclava (Black, Goggles)
G_Balaclava_TI_G_tna_F Stealth Balaclava (Green, Goggles)
G_Combat_Goggles_tna_F Combat Goggles (Green)
G_Respirator_white_F Respirator (White)
G_Respirator_yellow_F Respirator (Yellow)
G_Respirator_blue_F Respirator (Blue)
G_EyeProtectors_F Safety Goggles
G_EyeProtectors_Earpiece_F Safety Goggles (Earpiece)
G_WirelessEarpiece_F Wireless Earpiece
G_AirPurifyingRespirator_01_F APR [NATO]
G_AirPurifyingRespirator_02_black_F APR (Black) [CSAT]
G_AirPurifyingRespirator_02_olive_F APR (Olive) [CSAT]
G_AirPurifyingRespirator_02_sand_F APR (Sand) [CSAT]
G_RegulatorMask_F Regulator Facepiece
G_Blindfold_01_white_F Blindfold (White)
G_Blindfold_01_black_F Blindfold (Black)
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Default NATO CSAT Independent Codenames
  • Armstrong
  • Nichols
  • Tanny
  • Frost
  • Lacey
  • Larkin
  • Kerry
  • Jackson
  • Miller
  • McKendrick
  • Levine
  • Reynolds
  • Adams
  • Bennett
  • Campbell
  • Dixon
  • Everett
  • Franklin
  • Givens
  • Hawkins
  • Lopez
  • Martinez
  • O'Connor
  • Ryan
  • Patterson
  • Sykes
  • Taylor
  • Walker
  • Amin
  • Masood
  • Fahim
  • Habibi
  • Kushan
  • Jawadi
  • Nazari
  • Siddiqi
  • Takhtar
  • Wardak
  • Yousuf
  • Anthis
  • Costa
  • Dimitirou
  • Elias
  • Gekas
  • Kouris
  • Leventis
  • Markos
  • Nikas
  • Nicolo
  • Panas
  • Petros
  • Rosi
  • Samaras
  • Stavrou
  • Thanos
  • Vega
  • Ghost
  • Stranger
  • Fox
  • Snake
  • Razer
  • Jester
  • Nomad
  • Viper
  • Korneedler
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An incorrect nameSound name will mute the callsign. Use "" to revert back to default behaviour.


className Name
NoVoice N/A
Male01ENG American English 01
Male02ENG American English 02
Male03ENG American English 03
Male04ENG American English 04
Male05ENG American English 05
Male06ENG American English 06
Male07ENG American English 07
Male08ENG American English 08
Male09ENG American English 09
Male10ENG American English 10
Male11ENG American English 11
Male12ENG American English 12
Male01ENGB British English 01
Male02ENGB British English 02
Male03ENGB British English 03
Male04ENGB British English 04
Male05ENGB British English 05
Male01GRE Altian English 01
Male02GRE Altian English 02
Male03GRE Altian English 03
Male04GRE Altian English 04
Male05GRE Altian English 05
Male06GRE Altian English 06
Male01PER Farsi 01
Male02PER Farsi 02
Male03PER Farsi 03
Male01ENGVR English VR 01
Male01GREVR Altian English VR 01
Male01PERVR Farsi VR 01
Male01CHI Chinese 01
Male02CHI Chinese 02
Male03CHI Chinese 03
Male01FRE French 01
Male02FRE French 02
Male03FRE French 03
Male01ENGFRE French English 01
Male02ENGFRE French English 02
Male01POL Polish 01
Male02POL Polish 02
Male03POL Polish 03
Male01RUS Russian 01
Male02RUS Russian 02
Male03RUS Russian 03
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An incorrect voice name will revert man's voice to Default.