Easter Eggs – Arma 3

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Old Laptop

The "Land_Laptop_02_unfolded_F" Old Laptop has an action to "Get Back to Main Menu" when the mission date is set to 2001-06-22 (Operation Flashpoint release date). Completing the action causes the Old Laptop to display a video showcasing the Operation Flashpoint's main menu. The BIS_fnc_laptopInit function can be used to apply this Easter Egg on other computers.

Galaxy in chimney

Chimney's galaxy

Some Arma 3 performance issues can be explained by the fact the Real Virtuality engine has to render a whole galaxy in "Land_SCF_01_chimney_F" Sugar Cane Factory chimney tower.

There's something out there waiting for you, and it ain't no man...


An ancient statue makes the sound of the Predator - stay on your toes.

An LDF soldier looking up trees with Christmas ornaments.

Merry Christmas!

On December 24th and 25th in system time, some of the trees in Livonia get Christmas ornaments.


Dutch flag and oranges

In one of the IDAP tents that you see at the beginning from the van of Remnants of War, there are small dutch flags and a couple of oranges, which usually one can not see during gameplay. This is a reference to the fact that Arma 3 Laws of War (codename orange) is made by the Bohemia Interactive Amsterdam Studio.