Field Manual - Commanding – Arma 3

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Command Bar

The command bar displays information about subordinate units. Each unit under your command shows:

  • ID: 1, 2, 3 ...
  • Rank (a3 fm private.png a3 fm sergeant.png a3 fm corporal.png a3 fm major.png...)
  • Specialization (a3 fm aa.png a3 fm at.png a3 fm gl.png a3 fm mg.png a3 fm scuba.png a3 fm srifle.png)
  • Vehicle occupation
  • Vehicle role (a3 fm imageDriver.png a3 fm imageCargo.png a3 fm imageCommander.png a3 fm imageGunner.png)
  • Health Condition: Wounded a3 fm unitNameBackground normal wounded.png, No Ammo a3 fm unitNameBackground normal noAmmo.png
  • Combat mode: Hold Fire a3 fm unitCombatMode red.png
  • Behavior: Stealth a3 fm unitBehavior stealth.png, Combat a3 fm unitBehavior combat.png
  • Current orders: 'Move'

Complex Commands

Assign complex commands from the command menu.

  • Open the quick command menu [~]. This selects all your subordinate units.
  • Press [Backspace] to open complex commands.

Alternatively access specific categories via predefined keys [0–9]:
1 – Move
2 – Target
3 – Engage
4 – Mount
5 – Status
6 – Action
7 – Combat mode
8 – Formation
9 – Team
0 – Reply

  • [Backspace] returns to the root menu for selected units or closes the menu.

Target Assignment

As a team leader, you can assign targets to your teammates:

  • Report a target for the whole team by pressing [T].

You can also assign targets individually:

  • Select a teammate [F2–F10].
  • Point at the target.
  • Choose Attack.

Side Markers

Units are marked according to their side.
a3 fm b unknown blue.png – BLUFOR (Blue)
a3 fm o unknown red.png – OPFOR (Red)
a3 fm n unknown green.png – Independent (Green Army, Green Guerillas)
a3 fm n unknown purple.png – Neutral (Civilians)

Quick Commands

As a commander, you have access to quick commands via the quick command menu [~]. The menu is context sensitive – commands change according to objects you point at. Select some units with [F2-F10] and:

  • Use [Space] on a position to issue a move command.
  • Use [Space] on a target to issue an engage command.
  • Use [Space] on a vehicle to order mount.
  • To change the direction your units are facing, Use [Space] while holding [Left Alt] when pointing at a position.

When you open quick commands, the whole squad is selected by default.

Command Responses

As a subordinate unit in need of a quick response, press [~] to open the quick command menu. Here you can select one of the responses to your incoming commands:

  • Done
  • Negative
  • Ready to fire
  • Cannot fire
  • Repeat
  • Copy
  • One less
  • Where are you?
  • Support
  • Custom – used for more complex conversations such as support requests
  • Radio


  • Select your subordinates with [F2–F10] keys.
  • Use [F11] and [F12] to scroll between command bar filled with more than 10 units.
  • Select all subordinates with [~].


Units can be organized into teams for a quick selection. This is useful when commanding a large number of units.

  • Select units.
  • Choose Assign [9].
  • Choose a team color from the menu.


  • Select units.
  • Press [Left Ctrl] + [F1-F5] to create a team.

To select the entire team:

  • Use [Left Shift] + [F1-F5].

White team is used for any unassigned units.


When in command, you can issue move orders to your subordinates.
To issue a single waypoint without entering the map:

  • Select units with [F2–F10] keys.
  • Select Move there.
  • Confirm with [Space].

Issue a waypoint a3 fm waypoint.png using the map:

  • Open the map [M].
  • Select units with [F2–F10] keys.
  • Select Move there.
  • Confirm with [Space].

The Move there order is only available when a unit can reach the place.


As you move, you can see that your subordinates are following you in a certain formation. Try changing the default Wedge formation to Line or Column.

  • Select all your units with [Left Ctrl+~].
  • Press [8] and choose new formation.


Order your men to get in a certain vehicle:

  • Select your units with [F2-F10].
  • Press [4] to bring up the list of nearby vehicles.
  • Select a vehicle from the list.

According to the vehicle type, you have the option to choose between specific positions like driver, gunner or commander.


You can adjust the direction your units are facing.

  • Select the desired unit with [F2-F10].
  • Press [3], [8] and choose the azimuth.

As standing units are easily seen and hit, you can order your men to kneel or go prone.

  • Select your units with [F2-F10].
  • Press [7] and choose the appropriate position.
  • To watch for incoming enemy units on the horizon, press [3], [7] to Scan horizon.

Team Inventory

When you're a team leader, you can access your teammate's inventories via the Journal.

  • Open the Map [M].
  • Click Units.
  • Select a soldier with [F2–F10] keys.
  • Click Inventory.