Field Manual - Firing Drills – Arma 3

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Firing Drills

Firing Drills

Firing Drills are a fun shooting sport to train and compete in.

Competitors complete a Course of Fire (CoF), usually consisting of a series of Check Points with targets to engage at each one.

They refine their skills in the areas of movement, environmental awareness, weapon handling, shooting, prioritization and creativity.


Firing Drills can be completed using one of two rule-sets: training and competitive.

* Training: less strict and about familiarizing with the course. Medal times cannot be challenged while training.

  • Competitive: stricter rules and competitors are penalized when breaking rules. Medal times can be beaten here!


A competitor's raw time is the amount of time it takes to reach the final Check Point, or to clear all targets for some courses.

Time may be deducted when you are awarded bonuses, or added when you are penalized.

When competing for medals, you can beat the bronze, silver and gold times. Sometimes a special time is available.

Check Points

When a CoF uses Check Points, competitors move between them and usually engage all available targets before moving on.

Each Check Point may define special requirements such as the use of a specific weapon type or stance.

Keep an eye on the Check Point briefing and other indicators and memorize the CoF well by training often.

Shooting Boxes

Check Points can define specific shooting boxes. When present, it is always better to engage from within these marked boxes.


There are various types of targets that appear at Check Points:

* Targets can appear immediately or after a little while.

  • Targets can disappear after a short time.
  • Targets can move along rails.
  • Targets can activate after hitting another target.
  • Sometimes only specifically colored targets should be hit.
  • Targets may require multiple hits.
  • Accuracy zones on targets can reduce your time when struck.
  • Optional bonus targets lower your time.
  • No-shoot targets must not be engaged!

Targets can sometimes be randomly positioned or randomly appearing.


You may be urged to use a specific weapon type at a Check Point.

Doing this will be rewarded with bonuses. Not doing this may incur penalties.


You may be asked to employ a specific stance at a Check Point.

Doing this correctly can result in bonuses. Failure to do so may be penalized.


  • Firing Drills are not meant to be aced in one attempt. Study the courses, find shortcuts and get creative.

  • Observe on-screen Check Point briefings, voice instructions and other indicators to know which stance and weapon to use.

  • Plan your reloads and weapon switches well! Doing this in a smart way can save you many seconds.

* Don't always trust the most direct route. Sometimes a detour can be quicker if there are no obstacles in your path.

  • Consider what will cost you more time: missing a target and re-engaging it, or moving on and taking the penalty.

  • Think about your aiming path from target to target, as well as clever use of fire modes. Remember that some targets offer bonuses for accuracy.

  • Scan for bonus targets, but balance your search time against the gained bonuses. Check your map for clues.

  • Not all targets appear upon arriving at a Check Point. Remain vigilant until the all clear is given.

  • Consider your fatigue and how often you sprint. It all affects your continued performance and aiming.