Field Manual - General – Arma 3

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Action Menu

The action menu is a context sensitive list of available actions. It changes depending on the object pointed at with the cursor. Icons a3 fm getindriver.png a3 fm gear.png a3 fm reload.png near the weapon cursor indicate a new default action.

  • Execute the given action directly with [Space].

Other actions are listed in the action menu.

  • Open the menu with [Mouse wheel down] or [Mouse wheel up].
  • Select an action.
  • Execute the selected action with [Space].


You can change your uniform and bags in Inventory [I]. Different items have different attributes. Thus replacing uniform, vest and bag will result in a different visage, load capacity and armor. Note that you can only wear uniforms of your own side, in line with Geneva conventions.

When changing a container for one with a smaller capacity, some items might not fit.


Uniforms, vests and backpacks work as containers in your inventory. To exchange a container:

  • Open Inventory [I].
  • Point the cursor at a container with this equipment.
  • Drag the replacement to the specific position.

Each container has a limited capacity indicated by a load bar underneath its icon. It's possible that some items will not fit into one bag. So, go get a bigger one.


Most doors can be opened.

  • Point the cursor at a door until the icon appears.
  • Press [Space].
  • You can also open/close doors through the action menu.


  • Access your Inventory a3 fm gear.png by pressing [I].
  • Use drag and drop to move the items between slots and containers.
  • Close the Inventory window by pressing [I] again.

This hint also applies to searching vehicles, bags, corpses or just piles of items on the ground.


Your GPS keeps track of the time, your location, direction and it even contains a detailed map of your surroundings.

  • Activate the GPS [Right Ctrl+M] to gain instant awareness of your surroundings.

This handy device is capable of displaying a map, compass and time in one place. Don't lose it.


There are specific slots for special items in your inventory. You can equip and use Binoculars [B], Night Vision Goggles [N] and others to improve your tactical awareness.

You can have only one head-mounted display equipped.


The inventory has designated slots for specific items. Drag and drop an item from your containers. Available slots for the item will be highlighted.


To pick up a single item from the ground:

  • Move close to the item.
  • Point the cursor at the item until the a3 fm take.png icon appears.
  • Press [Space] to take the item.

Or you can choose to Take the item through the action menu [Mouse wheel down].

You can also move close to the item and open the Inventory [I]. The item will be listed on the left side of the Gear window under the label Ground.


You can easily replenish your magazines without opening the inventory.

  • Approach an ammo box or a vehicle, point your cursor at it and open the action menu with [Mouse wheel down].
  • Select Rearm a3 fm reammo.png. This will replenish your magazines up to your default loadout count.

When you are low on ammo, your commander will often issue a rearm order at an exact place.


To loot a dead body:

  • Get close and point the cursor at the body.
  • Press [I] to open the Inventory.
  • Drag and drop desired items into your inventory.
  • Use double-click LMB to open a bag/vest/uniform on the ground. It will open to a new tab.

Fast Equip

When in the inventory, RMB click on any item will fast equip or fast un-equip it.

  • Fast equipping anything from the ground will move it to its slot or one of your containers.
  • Fast un-equipping anything from your slots or containers will move it to the ground or an opened ground container.