Field Manual - Health – Arma 3

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First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit (FAK) is used to treat small wounds.

  • Point the cursor at a wounded soldier.
  • Open the action menu [Mouse wheel down].
  • Select treat.
  • Confirm with [Space] to use the FAK.

You can even use it on yourself.

FAK is depleted after a single use and is removed from your inventory.


When your character starts to breathe heavily and is unable to aim steadily or continue running, he is fatigued. Stop moving for a while and catch your breath.

When fatigued, all actions take longer to complete and the time you can hold your breath while aiming is shortened. Current load also contributes to fatigue.


Don't stay near fire or you will get burned. Fire damage is as dangerous as being hit by a bullet. Luckily, your armor protects you the same way.

Vehicles can withstand a fire for a time before taking damage. This time increases with their armor.

Fall and Hit Damage

When you fall from certain heights, you suffer damage according to your gained momentum (speed and mass). The same applies to vehicles and also for being hit by them.

The damage caused by hits and falls is mitigated by armor. This is especially useful while being in vehicles as their armor counts towards protecting their crewmen.


A few hits usually result in death, but for now you are just injured a3 fm unitbleeding.png. Your condition affects your view, aim and speed, but it is treatable. Now, call for a medic:

  • Press [~] to open fast commands.
  • Report Injured.

Alternative call procedure:

  • Press [5] for status reports.
  • Press [4] for Injured.


Medics are trained to use a Medkit, which can permanently heal any damage. When healing yourself as a Medic equipped with a Medkit:

  • Open the action menu [Mouse wheel down].
  • Select Treat self.
  • Confirm with [Space].

Unlike the First Aid Kit, only Medics can use a Medkit.


Damage from bullets and explosives is mitigated by armor. The more armor your uniform or vehicle has, the less damage is received.
For increased protection, don't forget to equip a helmet and vest, as they add armor.

Damage also affects movement and aim. When shot in the leg, you will not be able to sprint. When shot in the arm, aiming will become harder.


When you are underwater without a rebreather for a longer time, your oxygen supply will start to run out. Tunnel vision indicates that you are lacking oxygen and start taking drowning damage. Go to the surface fast.

This damage is also inflicted in other situations where the oxygen level is limited, like in sealed rooms or while using gas weapons.