Field Manual - High Command – Arma 3

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High Command

High Comm. Waypoints

Give units multiple waypoints:

  • Switch to High command mode [Left Ctrl+Space].
  • Select the unit with [LMB].
  • Hold down [Left Ctrl] while setting waypoints.
  • Edit the waypoint properties. Click on it with [RMB] and change group's formation or combat style.

High Command

High command enables commanding squads in the same way that squad command works for subordinates. If you are allowed to take the role of a high commander, switch to High command using [Left Ctrl+Space].
Units are represented by NATO markers that vary according to group type and size.
You can assign command either in 3D view or on a map. The map offers more possibilities.

Group Type Markers

In High Command, various unit types are indicated by an icon. The most common symbols are:
a3 fm b inf.png – Infantry
a3 fm b armor.png – Armor
a3 fm b motor inf.png – Motorized Infantry
a3 fm b mech inf.png – Mechanized Infantry
a3 fm b uav.png – UAV
a3 fm b artillery.png – Artillery
a3 fm b recon.png – Recon
a3 fm b air.png – Helicopters
a3 fm b plane.png – Airplanes
Marks are further labeled by size:
a3 fm group 0.png – Fireteam (2-4)
a3 fm group 1.png – Section (> 4)
a3 fm group 2.png – Squad (> 12)
a3 fm group 3.png – Platoon (> 25)
a3 fm group 4.png – Company (> 60)