Field Manual - Infantry Controls – Arma 3

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Infantry Controls

Adjust Pose

Adjust your stance by pressing [Left Ctrl] and:

  • [W], [S] for rise or crouch.
  • [A], [D] for half-step sideways.

This will help you to stay in cover more effectively or shoot over obstacles more easily. Adjust works in all stances.


  • Aim down and move forward [W] to dive.
  • Ascend with [X].
  • Descend with [Z].
  • Move with [W], [S], [A], [D].

Equip a re-breather to a vest slot to supply oxygen for longer dives. For clear vision underwater, equip diving goggles to the goggles slot.

Leaning Sideways

Lean to peak around corners and still have most of your body hidden behind cover.

  • Lean left: [Q].
  • Lean right: [E].

You can also lock the character into a leaning position by pressing [2xQ] for left or [2xE] for right side.

Use the lean keys to roll while in the prone position. Try it: [Z], [Q], [E].

Free Look

Free look enables you to move while keeping awareness of your surroundings.

  • Hold [Left Alt] and move the mouse left and right to look around.
  • Tap [2xLeft Alt] to toggle between static and free look.

Free look represents turning the head sideways and up or down. That's why you cannot look directly behind you. This works the same for vehicles – usually only a commander has a 360° view.


Press [Left Shift] to sprint away from danger or towards cover. Sprinting increases your fatigue.

Sprint works in all stances, try using it while crouched [X] or prone [Z].


Use basic controls [W], [S], [A], [D] to move around and explore the surroundings. Use the mouse to rotate and adjust the direction.


To decrease the enemy's chances of detecting and hitting you, use different stances:

  • Crouch with [X].
  • Go prone with [Z].

Crouching and going prone also stabilizes your aim. To stand, simply press the Crouch/Go Prone button again.

When prone, you cannot use launchers.


Default movement speed is run.

  • Press [C] to move more slowly and silently in a combat pace.
  • Press [W+S] to walk.

Tactical pace is best for moving slowly while maintaining a steady aim.


You are dead. There is nothing you can do besides restarting the mission from a save point or from the beginning. Better luck next time.

In multiplayer you will be able to see who killed you.

Fast Travel

Fast travel is a method of quickly getting through a safe area.

  • Open the map [M].
  • Select Fast travel and choose a destination.

Alternatively, use fast travel through the action menu:

  • Open the action menu [Mouse wheel down].
  • Select a spot to travel on the map.

Stepping Over

When passing a low obstacle, step over it with [V] to shorten your route.

Combat Pace

Combat pace is a move stance with weapon raised permanently to the shoulder. It trades movement speed for situational awareness and faster reaction time. This is particularly useful in urban areas. Use [C] to toggle combat pace on and off.

Combat pace and lowered weapon stance are two independent body poses. Try switching to combat pace [C], lowering your weapon [2xLeft Ctrl] and raising it back [2xLeft Ctrl]. You will return to combat pace.