Field Manual - Tactics – Arma 3

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Artillery Ammo Types

Artillery operates with several different ammo types:

  • HE shells – simple explosive ammo.
  • Flares – used for signaling.
  • Smoke shells – for signaling or screening.
  • Guided – heat seeking shells.
  • Laser Guided – precise, guided by laser designation.

Call for Support

Sometimes it is possible to call in various kinds of support such as artillery, close air support and other means of support. You may call in support by:

  • Opening a command menu [0].
  • Selecting Communications [8].
  • Requesting Support Type.
  • And finally, selecting the unit to provide support.

With the communications menu open, scroll in the map by using the [Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel].

Announcing Targets

At certain proximities observed enemies are automatically announced to your side. When you spot someone in the distance use [T] to announce the target to your side.

Artillery Support

Artillery is a precise strike effective against well defended or armored targets.
1. Point at the target.
2. Press [~] or [0] to enter the command menu.
3. Select Communications - [8].
4. Select Artillery Strike.
5. Choose artillery.
6. Select a type of ammo.
7. Pick the number of rounds.
Artillery support will then confirm the request and report the splash.

The procedure is the same as with other types of support, just choose a different support in step 4.

Ballistic Computer

When serving in artillery as a gunner, you can use the Artillery computer to calculate the elevation/power as well as to fire rounds.

  • Open the action menu [Mouse wheel down].
  • Open the Artillery computer.
  • Select a place on the map within the displayed radius.
  • Select the type of ammunition and other parameters.
  • Use the Fire button to fire, when ready.

Instructor Figure

Instructor figure represents the military insight available to help you carry out your tasks.

  • To prompt the advice, press [0], [8].

Log of the instructor's advices can be found in the Diary, section Instructor Figure

  • Open the diary with [J].

Assembling Turrets

After moving a static weapon, it needs to be assembled again. You will need bags with both parts of the weapon: the tripod and the gun.

  • Open Inventory [I].
  • Drag and drop the first bag on the ground.
  • Bring the second bag close, you must have it in your posession.

When both bags are close to each other, you can point at them and click Assemble. The turret will be facing the same direction you're facing when assembling it.

Start using the turret by pointing at it and choosing Get in from the action menu.

Moving Turrets

Turrets can be disassembled, moved and reassembled on the battlefield. To disassemble it:

  • Point the cursor at the weapon.
  • Choose Disassemble from the action menu [Mouse wheel down].

Two bags will appear. To grab a bag:

  • Point at it.
  • Select Take from the action menu.

You will need both bags to assemble the weapon again. You can only carry one at a time.

Respawn Camp

Camps are respawn points which players can pack into a backpack, and later unpack on a different location. Use Assemble and Disassemble in the action menu to pack and unpack them.

  • A tent will give a respawn point to the player who unpacked it and all friendlies nearby.
  • A sleeping bag will create a point available only to the player who unpacked it.

Any player, including enemies, can pack your camp and use it later for themselves.