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Zeus is a new concept where scenarios are curated by one or more Game Masters. Using a 3D real-time editor, they can expand and manipulate scenario content in order to provide more interesting gameplay for other players.
Specific goals and limitations prevent them from becoming too powerful and ensures they also have some challenges to overcome themselves.

To become a Zeus, take the slot marked by Zeus icon in the multiplayer lobby.

Pinging Zeus

When playing a Zeus scenario, but not in the role of a Zeus, press Y to ping him. He'll receive a sound cue and your name will briefly be highlighted. Use this to attract his attention towards a problem or an opportunity ahead.

Don't bother pressing Y in rapid succession to spam Zeus, as pings have a one second cooldown.

Accessing Zeus

Press Y to toggle the Zeus interface.

It can be available in these two forms:

  • Free - Zeus is a soldier on the battlefield who can at any time open the interface to curate the scenario, but risks being killed.
  • Forced - the interface is opened automatically and cannot be closed by pressing the key. Zeus is not represented in the world and is safe from any danger.


The camera provides an aerial view over the battlefield.

  • Move using W, S, A, D
  • Change altitude with Q and Z.
  • Hold Left Shift to accelerate.
  • Press F to move to the selected unit.
  • Press Numpad Enter to toggle the view of the selected unit.
  • Press Space to move to the last pinged player's position.
  • Press Ctrl + F1..F12 to save the camera position, and F1..F12 to restore the respective one.

In some scenarios, the camera's movement area may be limited. While not visualized, you will recognize the border when you've reached it.

The camera moves faster when being higher up. Increase the altitude to easily cover long distances.


The Zeus interface provides additional features for simplified control over the scenario:

  • Press J to show your briefing and tasks.
  • Press N to toggle between vision modes (when available).
  • Press O to toggle the clock.
  • Press K to toggle the compass.
  • Press to toggle the interface.


The map provides an unprecedented overview of everything under your control.

  • Open it by pressing M.
  • Zoom the map in or out using Mouse Scrollwheel
  • Click Middle Mouse Button to quickly teleport the camera under the cursor.
  • Close the map by pressing M or Esc.
  • Press T to toggle textures.

The current camera position is represented by a3 fm drawCamera.png and an approximate view cone.


Select an entity by clicking Left Mouse Button on its icon or name in the entity list.

  • Hold Left Ctrl to select add / remove the entity from selection.
  • Hold Left Shift to select multiple entities (works only in the list).
  • Press Ctrl + 1..0 to save the current selection, and 1..0 to restore the respective one.
  • Click and drag Left Mouse Button to select multiple entities in the frame.

While all entities can be selected, not all of them can be edited:

a3 fm entitySelect object ca.png Normal object, can be edited
a3 fm entitySelect objectDestroyed ca.png Destroyed object, can be edited
a3 fm entitySelect objectDisabled ca.png Not in the editing area, cannot be edited
a3 fm entitySelect objectPlayer ca.png Player, cannot be edited
a3 fm waypoint ca.png Waypoint, can always be edited


Click and drag an entity using Left Mouse Button to edit it.

a3 fm curatorMove.png Move it around by default. When vehicle crew is selected, it will be moved out of their vehicle.
a3 fm curatorMoveZ.png Hold Left Alt to change the height.
a3 fm curatorMoveIn.png When a vehicle is under the cursor, selected soldiers are moved inside.
a3 fm curatorRotate.png Hold Left Shift to rotate it.
a3 fm curatorMoveDisabled.png When the entity is outside of the editing area or is being dragged into it, editing is not possible.

Some scenarios may limit the editing area. Its borders are visualized in the scene by blue walls and by icons on the map.

Soldiers and ground vehicles moved to a high altitude will parachute to the ground.

Placing waypoints

When a group (or its member) is selected, you can give it waypoints. They can be created anywhere on the map, no matter where the editing area is.

  • Click Right Mouse Button to place a waypoint (it will replace all existing waypoints).
  • Hold Left Ctrl while clicking to add a new waypoint, preserving the existing ones.

Type is based on what you clicked on:

a3 fm curatorPlaceWaypoint.png MOVE having clicked on an empty space
a3 fm curatorPlaceWaypointGetIn.png GET IN having clicked on a vehicle
a3 fm curatorPlaceWaypointDestroy.png DESTROY having clicked on an enemy
a3 fm curatorPlaceWaypointCycle.png CYCLE when Left Alt is held - upon reaching it, the unit will repeat the waypoints from the first one.

Setting attributes

Scenarios can allow you to set specific entity attributes.
Use Double Left Mouse Button on the entity icon or its name in the entity list to open the attributes window.

Available attributes can be:

  • Objects - health, skill, fuel, lock, ...
  • Groups - callsign, combat mode, formation, ...
  • Waypoints - combat mode, speed, ...
  • Markers - text, color, ...

Many modules won't even be initialized until you configure their attributes.


Hold Left Ctrl, click Left Mouse Button on an object and drag the line.

  • Release the button on another object to connect them together.
  • Release the button over an empty space to disconnect objects.

Two types of connection exist:

a3 fm modeUnits.pnga3 fm modeGroups.png Grouping - when Units or Groups modes are selected, you can group them together. Works only with AI units (e.g. soldiers or manned vehicles)
a3 fm modeModules.png Syncing - when Modules mode is selected, objects are synchronized. Some modules may require synchronization to affected objects.

Editing (Advanced)

Additional keys let you to further manipulate an entity:

  • Press G to order soldiers in vehicles to get out.
  • Press End to destroy objects.
  • Press Del to delete entities.

Objects can be destroyed or deleted only when inside editing areas. Modules, waypoints and markers can be removed anywhere.


Zeus can place new entities in the scene:

  • Select editing mode
a3 fm modeUnits.png Objects (soldier, vehicles and objects, can be placed only in the editing area)
a3 fm modeGroups.png Groups of objects
a3 fm modeModules.png Modules (systems like artillery strikes, respawn points, weather settings, ...). Can usually be placed anywhere.
a3 fm modeMarkers.png Markers (visible to every player, can be placed anywhere for free)
  • Pick a side.
  • Select an entity to place.
  • Click Left Mouse Button on the ground to place the entity.
  • Hold Left Ctrl while clicking Left Mouse Button to continue with placement afterwards.

Object cost is previewed on the resources bar at the top of the screen. Entities which are too expensive are greyed out and cannot be placed.

Taking over units

When you have the 'Remote Control' module available, place it on any non-player unit to take it over.
Once in possession of the unit, you can move, shoot and perform actions as if it were you. However, there are some limitations:

  • When controlling a squad leader, you cannot give any orders.
  • Messages over chat or VOIP will be still said by You, not the unit.

Press Y to return back to the Zeus interface.

Placing fire support

Zeus can quickly send fire support to any location. However, it takes a few seconds for it to arrive, and players are meanwhile warned and can seek cover.
The fire support module is visualized as an area of expected damage:

  • All vehicles and soldiers in the red zone will be destroyed or disabled.
  • The orange zone represents the maximal blast radius able to kill soldiers who are not in cover.

Keep in mind that sending fire support onto or near civilian objects opposes international laws of war. Additionally, using cluster ammunition is controversial at best.

Placing explosives

Explosives and mines placed by Zeus have a special behavior:

  • All selected explosives can be detonated by pressing End.
  • Explosives are instantly revealed to everyone who's on the same side as Zeus.
  • Approximate minefield areas are visualized on the map for everyone.

Anti-Personnel (AP) mines are banned by international laws of war. Use them with caution!