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This page is summary of advanced parameters available in Arma 3 Launcher.
Majority of these parameters is based on Arma 3 startup parameters.

List of parameters


  • Par - Reads startup parameters from a file.
  • Check Signatures - Introduced to provide thorough test of all signatures of all loaded banks at the start game.
  • CPU Count - Define number of CPUs/cores available.
  • ExThreads - Option to define extra threads.
    • File operations - Use a dedicated thread for file operations (enabled when ExThreads is 1 or 3 or 5 or 7).
    • Texture loading - Use a dedicated thread for loading textures (enabled when ExThreads is 2 or 3 or 6 or 7).
    • Geometry loading - Use a dedicated thread for loading geometry data (enabled when ExThreads is greater than or equal to 4).
  • Enable Hyper-Threading - Enables the use of hyper-threading CPU cores which might slightly improve performance in certain scenarios.
  • Malloc - Particular allocator to be used.
  • MaxMem - Memory allocation limit to number (in MegaBytes).
  • MaxVRAM - Defines Video Memory allocation limit to number (in MegaBytes).
  • Enable File Patching - Allow unpacked data to be loaded.
  • No Logs - Don't store the log.
  • World - Select a world loaded by default.
  • Profile Path - Location of user-profile folder.


  • Server IP - Server IP to connect to.
  • Server Port - Server port to connect to.
  • Server Password - Server password to connect to.
  • Host Session - Start a non-dedicated multiplayer host.


  • Server - Start as dedicated server.
  • Server Port - Port to have dedicated server listen on.
  • PID - File to write the server's PID (process ID) to.
  • Ranking File - Generates a ranking file.
  • NetLog - Enables multiplayer network traffic logging.
  • Cfg - Selects the Server Basic Config file.
  • Config - Selects the Server Config File.
  • BEpath - Defines the path to BattlEye.
  • Dedicated Server IP - Allows server process to use defined available IP address.


  • Buldozer - Starts Buldozer mode.
  • Init Script - Runs scripting command once in the main menu.
  • Do Nothing - Engine closes immediately after detecting this option.
  • No Pause - Allow the game running even when its window does not have focus.
  • No Sound - Disables sound output.
  • No Land - Starts with no world loaded.
  • Shows Script Errors - Introduced to show errors in scripts on-screen.
  • Autotest - Loads automatically a series of defined missions and on error writes to a log file.
  • Beta - Loads the specified beta sub-folders. Separated by semi-colons.


  • No Context Buffers - Turns off multicore use. It slows down rendering but may resolve visual glitches.