Arma 3: Countermeasures

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Countermeasures, detection of locking, tracking and missiles in flight.


Ground vehicles with Incoming Missile Detection ability use the same SENS display as air vehicles to display threats. See the Custom Panels page for details.
Different types of targets on the radar Player's vehicle is being locked by an enemy ammo weaponLockSystem


vehicle lockDetectionSystem

Different types of targets on the radar A guided munition is homing on the player's vehicle ammo weaponLockSystem


vehicle incomingMissileDetectionSystem


The following properties of Ammo, Weapon and Vehicle can use basically any bitmask value (See also BIS_fnc_bitflagsCheck).

BI uses the following convention

ammo ammo (countermeasure) weapon vehicle
System weaponLockSystem weaponLockSystem weaponLockSystem lockDetectionSystem incomingMissileDetectionSystem
0 - N/A
1 - Visual X X
2 - IR X X
4 - Laser X
8 - Radar
16 - Missile X X X