Animation Editor: Live Debug Tutorial – Arma Reforger

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Live animation debugging can be useful to observe and record in-game animation evaluation.

Here is how to use it in few steps:

  • Start the scenario in World Editor or in the game itself.
  • Open the Animation Editor and load animation workspace you would like to debug.
    • If you are trying to debug some entity (like weapon), make sure that it is present in the world
  • In Live Debug, press Fetch. This will list all available instances and then you can Attach to one of the returned.
  • The editor should now record whatever happens to animation in-game. You can pause and rewind, check the set variables, commands and returned events and tags.


  • The animation debugging can be disabled. You can jumpstart it in Diag Menu (win+alt) under Animation > Start Debugger. Triggering the variable starts the debugger and the variable returns to false.
  • Game is not updating when alt-tabbed to editor. This way it cannot submit any reports to the editor. Make sure that the game runs with forced updates on.