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Enfusion Blender Tools (shortened to EBT) is a Blender addon allowing for a good workflow between Blender and Workbench, and Enfusion in general. Primarily developed and tested with latest LTS (Long Term Support) version of Blender.

Warning, Enfusion Blender Tools are not working correctly with Blender 4.x+ versions! Use Blender 3.6 LTS instead.
Enfusion Blender Tools Tutorials can be found at Enfusion Blender Tools Tutorials.



  • ASC elevation (.asc file) - import an ASC elevation file (Esri grid) as terrain mesh
  • Arma 3 P3D (.p3d file) - import P3D
  • FBX (.fbx file) - import FBX with Enfusion Shaders
  • Prefab (.et file) - importing models located in prefabs (including prefabs located in hierarchy). It is only working on prefabs where source FBX are available. Function is meant mainly for structures and baking MLODs




Location of Enable net API in Workbench Options
Location of Enable net API option in Workbench Options window
  • Download Blender LTS 3.6
  • Download Arma Reforger Tools from Steam
    Arma Reforger Tools only appear if Arma Reforger is in your Steam Library.
  • Install EBT addon from Arma Reforger Tools\Blender\EnfusionBlenderTools-Plugin.zip (do not unzip it!)
  • Open Workbench and in Workbench → Options → Workbench settings turn on Enable net API (for communication with external applications) option
Enfusion Blender Tools addon preferences

If you intend to use TXA exporter and want to use Reforger library of animation export profiles, it is also necessary to set up Export Profile Folder

  • Unzip Arma Reforger Tools\Blender\EnfusionBlenderTools-Data.zip to any empty folder
  • In Export Profile Folder, press the '+' button and set path to the directory where EnfusionBlenderTools-Data.zip file was extracted (see image)

Similar steps can also be performed to define the custom animation export profiles directory


Once addon is properly installed and activated, two new elements - (1) & (2) should be visible in main interface of Blender. Depending on used layout, right section of the menu might need to be expanded by clicking on small arrow on the right side of the viewport.

armareforger-enfusionblendertools interface.jpg

Top Menu

In the top section of the viewport, Enfusion Tools (1) tab contains Import & Export sub menus where it is possible to Import P3D, ASC file or FBX models and Export ASC or Export TXA animations.

Import ASC

Import a .asc terrain file.

Import P3D

Discard unsupported LODs

LODs like View Cargo/Gunner/Pilot, Roadway, Hitpoints, Paths and similar will be discarded from the import.

Layer Presets

Assign detected layers (geometry, physics)

Game Materials
Rename materials

Rename RVMATs to Enfusion equivalents.

Memory Points
Convert axis to single point

Convert two points with default rotation to single point with orientation axis.

Import FBX

This option activates import of FBX with Enfusion Shaders.

Remove All Objects

Remove any object present in the fbx file.

Export ASC

Export the terrain to .asc format.

Export TXA

Export the animation to the TXA format.

Side section

On the right side of the viewport, Enfusion Tools tab (2) you have following options:

Model Quality Assurance

In this panel (3) it is possible to adjust and execute Model Quality Assurance script which checks for common configuration & topology errors in the mesh.


Settings panel (4) contains options for Batch FBX export

Object Tools

Object Tools (5) panel contains controls for automatic object sorting into collections

Material Tools

This section (6) contains options colliders setup, light setup and (re)import of Enfusion Materials into Blender