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Owning Arma Reforger on Steam offers an Experimental version as two different applications named Arma Reforger Experimental (install on Steam) and Arma Reforger Experimental Tools (install and run on Steam).

These versions provide access to new features earlier with more frequent updates but also potentially less stable ones.

  • In order to launch the Experimental Workbench, it is required to have Arma Reforger Experimental installed and to add its Game Data's ArmaReforger.gproj to the addons list manually
  • Both versions share the same player profile/addon directory - beware of sneaking Experimental features into Stable mods and vice versa
    • It might be worth considering using different profile (f.e. ArmaReforgerExperimental & ArmaReforgerWorkbenchExperimental) via -profile CLI parameter for both Game and Workbench
  • The Experimental version may be outdated when Stable version releases
Experimental version of the game and tools are using separate backend from Stable game. This means that i.e. mods created for Stable game are not visible in Experimental workshop. When publishing mods, it is also necessary to create new, separate account.


Information Arma Reforger
Stable Experimental
Game Steam AppID 1874880 1890860
Server Steam AppID 1874900 1890870
Tools Steam AppID 1874910 1890880

Each version has its own Workshop;
mods and accounts are not shared (another BI account must be created on experimental backend)

Third Party Software


DRED (Device Removal Extended Data) is a Microsoft DirectX 12 software used to obtain additional information on render crashes.

  • It is (re)installed if missing when the Experimental game executable is launched
  • It is not uninstalled when the Experimental branch is uninstalled, as it is impossible to distinguish between a usermade installation and an Arma Reforger-related installation
  • The performance overhead is minimal and should not be noticeable
  • To manage the software, go to Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Optional Features:
    • To install it, click on Add a feature and select Graphics Tools
    • To uninstall it, click on Graphics Tools then click its Uninstall button.