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The Game Master tile.

Game Master is a game mode where nothing is planned, and where a player chooses what the next events will be. It allows to create a real-time experience as a dedicated Game Master; curating events, placing assets, or just exploring by oneself.

It is equivalent to, and is the generic game mode name of Arma 3 Zeus.

"Game Master" is also used to designate the player in the role of the current curator.


  • the player that is Server Host (or the declared Server Admin) always has access to the Game Master interface
  • if no Game Master is present, the first player to connect obtains the Game Master role
  • the role cannot be transferred unless that player disconnects
Possible Not Possible
  • create, edit, move and kill the AI units and vehicles present in the world
  • edit, move and kill a player
  • provide groups with waypoints
  • create, move and delete prefabs on the fly
  • spawn at will into the game
  • modify the base terrain


Keyboard/Mouse Controller Description
WASD Move the camera horizontally
QZ Move the camera vertically
Right Mouse Button + Mouse Rotate the camera
V Hold Edit scenario properties
Hold Y + Exit the interface


The interface is split into four panels:


The Mode interface is accessible using .

The top interface allows to switch between Game Master and Armavision.

See Armavision for more information.


The Toolbar interface is accessible using .


Shortcut: M / Hold

Toggle the in-game map.


Shortcut: L / +

Toggle flashlight for improved visibility in the dark. The light is only visible when it is dark and only to the Game Master, not to other players or AI.

Toggle Interface

Shortcut: I / +

Hide editor interface. When hidden, use the shortcut to reveal it again.

Guided Tour

Step-by-step introduction of the current mode.

Clear Destroyed Entities

Delete all killed soldiers and destroyed vehicles. This will free up budget they may still occupy.

Scenario Menu

The Scenario Menu interface is accessible using .

Scenario properties shortcut: V / Hold

Scenario Menu Interface

This interface allows to define playable factions when none are defined (by clicking the big "+") and to create faction spawn points as well as set faction objectives addressed to the players - the AI will ignore them.

The objectives menu is accessible by selecting a faction and holding .


Shortcut: Alt + 2


Shortcut: Alt + 3


Shortcut: Alt + 4


Shortcut: Alt + 5

Can be one of:

  • Objective
  • Recon
  • Suppress
  • Stand down
  • Wait
  • Assemble
  • Prepare
  • Rescue captive
  • Rescue captives
  • Board vehicle
  • Locate contact
  • Take captive
  • Target killing
  • Locate vehicle
  • Steal vehicle
  • Destroy vehicle
  • Locate intel
  • Locate asset
  • Ambush
  • Locate base
  • Prepare defenses

Playable Factions

Set which factions can be joined by players. This interface is also accessible by clicking the big "+" when no factions are configured.

Be aware that removing a playable faction will kill any players already assigned to it.


  • Enable respawn
    • Spawn near radio operators
    • Respawn time
  • Server-wide ambient music

Time and Date

  • Time of the day (quick selection: 05:45, 08:52, 12:00, 20:12, 22:06, 00:00)
    • Time (slider, 00:00..24:00 by 15 minutes steps)
  • Date (day, month, year, default 8 August 1989)
  • Time progression (Y/N)
    • Time progression multiplier (default 1.0×, range 0.1×..12.0×, step 0.1×)


  • Automate weather (Y/N)
    • Weather: choose between Clear, Cloudy, Overcast, Rain and Fog
  • Automate wind (Y/N)
    • Wind speed (range 0.0..15.0 m/s)
    • Wind direction (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest)

Entity Browser

Shortcut: ↹ Tab /

Open the Entity Browser to place various characters, vehicles, structures and more.


Keyboard/Mouse Controller Description
Z / C /
R Reset filters
Esc Close


The Entity Browser allows to sort by:

  • Faction
  • Entity type
  • Role
  • Trait
  • Content (if an entity is modded or not)


Budgets are the available "resources" that can be allocated on each Game Master aspects. They are shown at the bottom-right of the screen in the Entity Browser interface.

Once a budget reaches 100%, it is impossible to add more of its items unless previous ones are removed from the game.

For example, placing too many units will make the AI Budget reach 100% - more AI cannot be placed, and some previously placed ones (usually the unused ones) must be deleted in order to place new ones.

Other budget items (e.g vehicles) can still be placed.

Object Budget

Budget for all objects such as props and compositions.

AI Budget

Budget for computer-controlled entities such as non-player characters.

Vehicle Budget

Budget for cars, armored vehicles, etc.

System Budget

Budget for respawn points, objectives, arsenals, etc.

Entity Placement

Once an entity has been selected in the Entity Browser, it can be placed in the world.

Keyboard Controls Gamepad Controls Description
Left Mouse Button Place
Space Hold Place as a player
Ctrl + Left Mouse Button + Place and keep placing
⇧ Shift + Rotate
Alt Move vertically + Move vertically
N/A + Snap to surface
Right Mouse Button Cancel placing

Gamepad-Specific Menu

Holding will open a radial menu which content depends on what is under the cursor.

Possible options:

Action Keyboard equivalent
Ping Y
Move Camera F
Teleport Player Space
Take Control C
Create new AI group Right Mouse Button option (on AI unit(s))
Snap to terrain Right Mouse Button option
Play Space
Heal Right Mouse Button option
Resupply Right Mouse Button option
Start Bleeding Right Mouse Button option
Stop Bleeding Right Mouse Button option
Cast Lightning G
Neutralize End
Find in Entity Browser N/A
Edit Properties Left Mouse Button


A waypoint is a move/action order provided to an AI group.

Not to be confused with Objectives, which are "waypoints" but for factions.
The waypoints menu is accessible by selecting the group then holding .


Shortcut: Alt + 1

Order AI to move to the given location.

The order will be completed once the leader reaches the intended position.

Forced Move

Shortcut: Alt + 2

Order AI to move to the given location and ignore any enemies they encounter.

The order will be completed once the leader reaches the intended position.

Move Relaxed

Shortcut: Alt + 3

Order AI to move to the given location at a relaxed pace. Weapons are lowered and soldiers are walking.

The order will be completed once the leader reaches the intended position.

Search and Destroy

Shortcut: Alt + 4

Order AI to sweep the given location, eliminating any enemies they encounter.

The order will be completed once the AI are unable to find any more hostiles in the area.


Shortcut: Alt + 5

Order AI to defend a given area.

This order will never auto-complete as each unit will take up a position and stay in situ.

Get In

Shortcut: Alt + 6

Order AI to enter the nearest available vehicle and occupy passenger and/or gunner positions.

The order will be completed once all units have found a position and mounted, or every vehicle is fully occupied.