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See Scripting: Config Object and Create a Config Class to see how to create and configure a config class.

Main Interface

Search Field

Search through value names (not values themselves).


Remind the used Config class.


A button leading to the parent Config file, in the case of an inherited Config file.


Below these fields are the values name/UI lines. An entry that is not the default value will be bolded.

An entry can be reset to its default value using the arrow  that appears then to the right of the field.

Value Interface

The value interface is composed of two columns; on the left, the value name (extracted from the property's name) and on the right, the UI to edit it - either deduced by the property's type or forced by the Config designer (see Attribute).

See uiwidget for all possible interfaces and how to interact with them.


a "+/-" interface displaying the current amount of elements between parentheses.

Press "+" to add an element, "-" to remove the highlighted one - if none is selected, the last array element is removed.

To edit the array in a more advanced way, right-click on an item's name to use contextual menu's additional options.


Click and drag to set the value. It is still possible to click on the slider and manually enter the desired value.

Advanced Usage

Config Prefab from Config

Creating a Prefab Config from a config object is doable by drag and dropping the object into the Resource Browser window.

This will display the dialog to name the new file; once filled the file is created in the selected directory.

Inherited Config File

An inherited config file is a config that will use another config file as its default values model, and obviously uses the same config class.

In order to create one, right-click on the config file wanted as model in Resource Browser, then click "Create Inherited File" - a dialog will ask to type the inherited config file name.

The created file will now have the (default) values of the model.

Filling by Config

If a Config already exists and is compatible with the target entry, dragging and dropping the config on the field/entry will fill it with Config's values. This is shown with the blue circle as well as the .conf button present in the value name, as shown below:

Editing from the current Config will only change and override the sub-Config values in the current Config.

To edit the sub-Config values directly, press the .conf button to open said Config.

Changes made in one tab are immediately broadcast to other tabs if such sub-Config is used.