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An imageset is as its name may suggest an set of images. These images, placed on one single texture (to save on memory and loading time), are "cut" with quads, that are "borders" defining the texture sub-image.

Quads can be listed in groups.

Top Bar

Reload Image

Reload the imageset from storage.

Reset View

Adapt the imageset to viewport's dimensions.

Reset Zoom

Set the zoom at 100%.

ImageSet Tab


List of textures in this imageset.


Add a file from the working repository.


Remove the highlighted texture.

From files


TODO: this must be updated.

Quads Tab

Quads List

List the images, by group if any.

Quads Buttons



Add 3×3

Create a 3×3 preset group filled with nine 30×30 named quads (e.g LeftTop, Top, RightTop etc.)

Add Group

Create a group to keep multiple quads together.

A quad can only belong to one group.


Delete a quad or a group. Deleting a group deletes its quads.

Quad Properties

Edit the selected quad.

A group can also be edited this way - only the name field will then be editable.


Edit the quad/group name.

Position and Dimensions

Dimensions are in pixels.

X: top-left corner's position on the X-axis

Y: top-left corner's position on the Y-axis

W: width

H: height

Horizontal Tile


TODO: this must be updated.

Vertical Tile


TODO: this must be updated.


Set the quad's group.

Import Settings Tab

Tags can be set to help find the imageset faster.