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Server Hosting is the fact of hosting a game instance accessible over the network to other players. There are two possible modes in Arma Reforger: player-hosted and dedicated.

Connection fails from the outside if the door is closed.

For a hosted server to be visible from outside the local network (e.g from internet), Port Forwarding must be used.

Please refer to your router's user guide for assistance.

Main router brands's documentation links:

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a server without any game instance launched; it purely processes game information and network synchronisation.


See BattlEye's documentation and FAQ - there is also a BattlEye wiki article.

It is possible to modify BattlEye's RCon port and password by adding the following settings to Arma Reforger\BattlEye\BEServer_x64.cfg:

RConPort 5678
RConPassword myNewBEPassword
When editing Arma Reforger's BattlEye config, make sure to append new settings to it and not erase or even edit existing information.

Missing information will have the kick message "Missing GameID/MasterPort server config settings" welcome (and eject) players, whereas modified values will prevent BattlEye from working.
In the event of the file being already incorrectly edited, verify the game's files on Steam (see Steam's tutorial):

  • delete BEServer_x64.cfg
  • in Steam, right-click on Arma Reforger
  • select "Properties"
  • click on "Local Files"
  • press "Verify integrity of game files"
Steam will now verify and repair modified files. This will not erase any personal files, game progress, controls and other configurations will remain unchanged.

Startup Parameters

See Startup Parameters - Hosting and the Server Config page for more information.


The Server exe uses the -config startup parameter to target the configuration file.

ArmaReforgerServer.exe -config ".\Configs\Campaign_SWCoast.json"

In above example, Campaign_SWCoast.json is expected to be locted in Configs folder next to the exe.


As of 0.9.8 it is heavily recommended to use this startup parameter, set to a value in the 60..120 range; otherwise, the server can try to use all the available resources!
ArmaReforgerServer.exe -maxFPS 60


This parameter instructs the executable to launch local server and load selected world. When this parameter is used, config is ignored. Server parameter can be combined with addons and addonsDir parameters to start a server with local mods, which can be useful when testing addon before uploading it Workshop.

ArmaReforgerServer.exe -server "worlds/MP/MPTest.ent" -addonsDir "C:\MyModsDir" -addons MyCustomMod


The below Startup Parameters are optional but may prove useful upon some cases:

  • logStats - allows to log server's FPS every x milliseconds
  • logLevel - sets the log detail level
  • listScenarios - logs available scenario .conf file paths on startup

Configuration File

See Server Config.

Player-Hosted Server

Also known as Listen Server, a Player-Hosted Server is a server also hosting a local player. Such server is started from within the game, in Multiplayer > Host tab > Host new server.

Player-hosting is only available on PC.


The settings are all self-explanatory and Dedicated Server can be used.

Scenario Selection

Scenario and Source are two related fields:

  • Scenario is the list of all available scenarios
  • Source is a read-only field telling from which mod (or Arma Reforger) the selected Scenario is.


This option allows console players to join - see supportedGameClientTypes.


This tab allows to enable or disable local mods to make them available to the hosted game (or not). The Workshop is accessible from here.

Linux Server

The game server will by default use Docker container's IP for server browser registration and client connection which will cause failure during client connection attempt.
To avoid it use:

  • Run the "ipconfig" command in cmd to list the local IPs
  • "IP Connect" option in the server browser and insert one of the server's local IPs
  • Custom server config (.json file) with "gameHostRegisterBindAddress" and "gameHostRegisterPort" parameters set to one of the local IP:Port combinations


-config "./My_Config.json"

SteamCMD Setup

This tutorial has been tested on Ubuntu.
  1. Install SteamCMD - for the latest documentation, see
    1. Download and install it (link on the SteamCMD page) - it will auto-update to the latest version
    2. Login as anonymous - type in login anonymous
    3. Set the install path with the force_install_dir command (otherwise the default location will be used, /home/<username>/steam/steamapps/common)
  2. Download and install the server app_update 1874900
  3. Quit SteamCMD quit
To run Arma Reforger's server, run ./ArmaReforgerServer in the installation directory.

Example Script


Based on the SteamCMD page's example

// update_armar_ds.txt
@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1
@NoPromptForPassword 1
force_install_dir ../armar_ds
login anonymous
app_update 1874900 validate
steamcmd +runscript update_armar_ds.txt

Docker Setup

This Docker configuration is adapted to Ubuntu. Other distributions such as Fedora or Arch Linux may store their certificates at the following location: /etc/pki/ca-trust/ - be sure to edit the configuration accordingly.
A community Docker image is available on GitHub:
  1. Install the latest Docker:
    1. Download and install Docker
    2. Enable Hyper-V in Windows if it is not already
    3. Assign HW resources in Docker/Settings/Resources/Advanced:
      1. CPU: 4 cores
      2. Memory: 6 GB
  2. Download Ubuntu 18.04 image via batch or powershell cmd: docker pull ubuntu:18.04
  3. Run Ubuntu image:
    1. mount volume with server data
    2. expose client connection UDP port
    3. Example: docker container run -t -d -p 2001:2001/udp -v D:\server_data\linux_packed:/home/packed --name ubuntu_test ubuntu:18.04
  4. Connect to bash console: docker exec -it ubuntu_test /bin/bash
  5. Install necessary software:
    1. libcurl4 - required by server app
    2. net-tools - for debug purposes (enables ifconfig etc)
    3. Installation:
      1. apt-get update
      2. apt-get install libcurl4
      3. apt-get install net-tools
      4. apt-get install libssl1.1
  6. Create logs directory, e.g: mkdir /home/profile
  7. Run server:
    1. server executable needs proper execution/access rights:
      1. cd server_root_folder
      2. chmod +x ArmaReforgerServer
    2. Example: ./ArmaReforgerServer -gproj ./addons/data/ArmaReforger.gproj -config Configs/ServerConfig/Campaign.json -backendlog -nothrow -profile /home/profile