Arma Reforger:World Editor: Ground Manipulation Tool

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While clicking on the point gizmo:

  • holding Ctrl while dragging a selection up/down will change its elevation (altitude)
  • holding ⇧ Shift while dragging a selection up/down will change its 2D rotation (direction).

While clicking outside the gizmo:

  • holding Ctrl or ⇧ Shift while dragging a selection will change its 3D rotation.


Snap horizontally

Defines the snap steps for horizontal movement on X and Z axes, in meters.

Snap vertically

Defines the snap steps for vertical movement on Y axis, in meters.

Also applies to ground-level following selection placement.

Snap rotation

Defines the steps for rotation on Y axis.

Transform specs

Snap separately

If checked, snaps horizontally/vertically for each selected objects.

If unchecked, acts like one big object.

Rotate separately

If checked, selected objects will rotate each on their own axis; if not, they will all rotate around the same axis (as one big object).

Keep elevation of all

If checked, sets elevation like one big object for the selection.

Negative elevation

If checked, allows for negative elevation value ("object in the ground").

Transform children

Snap to ground

Sets elevation to 0 from the ground.

Place using physics

This button is inert as of Arma Reforger 1.0.0.

This button places entities with rigid body to the ground using physical simulation.