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A Lake Generator is a generator drawing a lake defined by a Shape.

Lake generators can be found in the Resource Browser in ArmaReforger > Prefabs > WEGenerators > Water > Lake and are prefixed with LG_ for Lake Generator.


  • A Shape (polyline, spline) defining the lake's perimeter (see Vector Tool)
    • Said shape can be either a polyline or a spline, but the spline will be considered a polyline (and not consider its curves, only its points)
    • All shapes are considered "closed"
    • At least three points are required
    • It is recommended to not "cross" the shape's line unless having visual glitches (upside-down lake surface) is the wanted effect
  • A lake generator entity as a direct child to this shape.



Material Name

Water material

Surface Material Name

Water surface material

Physics Layer

Interaction layer of this water body

Reverse Point Order

Reverse winding order of the generated mesh - used if points are not in clockwise order

Flatten By Bottom Plane

Place the lake's surface at the lowest point's altitude; otherwise the highest

Geometry As OBB

Generate physics geometry as an OBB (Object Bounding Box, a "brick") instead of exact polyline shape

Min Depth

Min depth of lake for physics geometry

Water Surface Offset

Water surface offset for physics geometry

Shore Wetness

Enable shore wetness

Is Lake

Identify the purpose of this water body (e.g a water-filled sink is not a lake)