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This is a tutorial for World Editor: Navmesh Tool.


The loaded world must have an AIWorld entity placed, holding a NavmeshWorldComponent. This NavmeshWorldComponent should have World Settings, Navmesh Settings and Server Config initialised - pointing to a navmesh file (.nmn).


Click connect to "connect" to a Navmesh Generation server. the "Connect" window appears, allowing to choose which Navmesh "server" to use.


Pressing the Generate button will bring the Recast params settings window. Click OK to confirm and it will open the Generator area settings window. Click OK again to apply the default settings and start navmesh generation.

While generating, the black square preview will fill with current terrain's navmesh preview.


If Autosave when done was not ticked, it is important to click Save or Save As to properly save the generated data. Otherwise, the generated navmesh will be lost!