Arma Reforger:World Editor: Powerline Generator Tutorial

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TODO: Add more cases.

Junction Creation

A main polyline will become joined by a secondary one; here is how to proceed.

Main Polyline

The main polyline must have at least 3 points (start, end, and middle one(s)) so a middle point can be used as an anchor for the secondary polyline.

  • Define a Junction Pole in the main polyline (see above) Click on the main polyline's point to become anchor
  • At the bottom of the Vector Tool tab, click "set class" on Junction Data (do not set any additional information in there)

Secondary Polyline

  • Draw the other polyline that will be connected to the main one
  • Define the power line poles (especially the end pole definition is needed to connect to the main polyline)
  • Tick "snap to anchors" in the Vector Tool tab and set the "Anchor snap distance" to at least 1
  • Drag and snap the extremity of the secondary polyline to the main polyline's defined anchor

Et voilĂ ! The secondary polyline is connected to the main one, using the main one's Junction Pole definition.