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A Prefab Generator is a generator creating entities on a line defined by a Shape.

Prefab generators can be found in the Resource Browser in ArmaReforger > Prefabs > WEGenerators (mostly in the Bushline directory), and are prefixed with PG_ for Prefab Generator (thus conflicting with Power line Generator).

To generate entities more regularly, see Wall Generator.


  • A Shape (polyline, spline) defining the wall's's trajectory (see Vector Tool)
    • At least two points are required
  • A prefab generator entity as a direct child to this shape.



Prefab Names

Prefab list


Prefab weights - the higher the more chance for the Prefab to spawn

Only To Vertices

If checked prefabs are placed only to vertices


Distance between spawned assets along the spline/polyline

Align With Shape

If checked prefabs are aligned with the shape

Use X As Forward

Only when aligning with shape

Flip Forward

Flip forward

Offset Right

How much we offset from center to the side

Offset Variance

How much offset variability we want in meters when using offset from the center


Gap from the centerline

Random Spacing

Random Spacing Offset

Offset Up

How much we offset in world up vector

Offset Forward

Forward offset

Perlin Dens

Prefab spawn density uses Perlin distribution

Perlin Threshold

Spawns prefabs if perlin value is above this threshold

Perlin Asset Distribution

Prefab spawn type uses Perlin distribution. Prefabs in the prefab array are stacked up from lower to higher indicies on the Y axis

Perlin Size

Prefab size uses Perlin

Perlin Frequency

Perlin frequency, higher values mean smoother transitions

Perlin Seed

Perlin seed

Perlin Amplitude

Perlin Amplitude

Perlin Offset

Perlin Phase Offset

Perlin Throw Away

Disables asset generation bellow perlin threshold

Draw Debug

Draw developer debug