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A Road Generator is a generator creating a road along a spline. It can also shape the terrain (extrude or dig) around it to make it follow the spline.


  • A spline defining the road's path - open or closed (see Vector Tool).
    Polylines are not supported.
  • A road generator entity as a direct child to this shape.
  • A road entity as a direct child to this generator.

The road generator entity defines the shape's behaviour (terrain sculpting, road's width etc).
The road entity defines the road surface (material, etc).


Road Generator Prefabs can be found in Data\Prefabs\WEGenerators\Roads.

Road Generator Options


Adjust Height Map

If enabled, adjust terrain height map to road

Adjust Height Map Priority

Priority of terrain heightmap adjust

Falloff Start Width

Distance between road edge and start of fall-off

Road Falloff Width

Width of the road fall-off



If enabled, regenerate road on shape modification

Road Clearance

Width of the clearance by the road

Road Width

Width of the road

Road Options


Spline Points

Spline points used for road generation, synchronised by the Road Generator

Is Closed Spline

Is the road a loop, not synchronised by the Road Generator


Used by map export


Road width

V Scale

Texture v-coordinate scaling (0.5 = texture stretched to 200% its normal length, 2.0 = 50%, etc)

Beginning Piece

Beginning variant

Ending Piece

Ending variant

Random Seed

Used to randomise road's aspect

Force Full Length

Ensures that the road mesh is generated along the whole spline. It may be achieved by stretching the v-coordinate (if both end pieces are set), or "cutting" it at any value (otherwise)

Mid Piece Sequence

For materials with multiple middle piece versions: specifies how middle piece sequence should be generated

Road Sort

Road's render order within the same material: does not override material's render order!

Mat Sort Bias

Bias to be added to the material's sort bias - can be used to override that order

Avoid using this as much as possible.