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Draws a dashed line around the outer edges of a trigger.
Map and Markers


[triggers, distance] call BIS_fnc_drawAO
triggers: Object or Array - trigger or list of triggers that indicate AO
distance: Number - (Optional, default 50) number that decides distance between each new line drawn
Return Value:


Example 1:
[Trigger1] call BIS_fnc_drawAO; // draws a dashed line around trigger1's outer edge, with 50m between each line
Example 2:
[Trigger1, 10] call BIS_fnc_drawAO; // draws a dashed line around trigger1's outer edge, with 10m between each line
Example 3:
[[Trigger1, Trigger2]] call BIS_fnc_drawAO; // draws dashed lines around multiple triggers, useful for multiple AOs in one mission

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Tryteyker- - c
Posted on Sep 28, 2014 - 17:16 (UTC)
It is worth noting that the size, color and other attributes that the line may have are dependant on the trigger itself. The crucial attributes for the function to work properly seem to be the following:
Activation: Anybody OR side player
Size: Has to be bigger than 50x50 to be visible (below 50x50 it will not work properly as the function increments in 50 for each new line)
The following attributes are saved by the function once it is called, all attributes originating from trigger:
private _triggerPos = position _x; _triggerPosX = _triggerPos select 0; _triggerPosY = _triggerPos select 1; _triggerArea = triggerArea _x; _triggerSizeX = _triggerArea select 0; _triggerSizeY = _triggerArea select 1; _triggerSize = _triggerSizeX max _triggerSizeY; _triggerDir = _triggerArea select 2; _triggerType = _triggerArea select 3; _triggerText = triggerText _x; _triggerActivation = triggerActivation _x select 0; _triggerPresent = triggerActivation _x select 1;
This is taken directly from the function. Text will generally show up on the left hand side (inside the circle/rectangle) AND on the right hand side (outside the circle/rectangle). Size increments can be changed using _this select 1, another example provided above.