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Load a script parameter. See Arma 3: Functions Library for detailed description.
Arma 3
Use param or params commands instead.


[input, index, defaultValue, dataTypes, requiredCount] call BIS_fnc_param
input: Array - list of params
index: Number - selected index
defaultValue: Anything - (Optional, default Nothing) default param (used when param is missing or of wrong type).
You can overload default value by declaring variable BIS_fnc_<functionName>_<index> in Namespace where BIS_fnc_param is called from.
BIS_fnc_paramIn is a variant of the function with overloading disabled.
dataTypes: Array - (Optional, default Anything) list of allowed type examples (e.g. ["",[],0,objNull])
requiredCount: Number or Array - (Optional) if value is Array, checks if it has required number of elements
Return Value:


Example 1:
_target = [_this, 0, objNull, [objNull,[]], [2,3]] call BIS_fnc_param;
  • if (_this select 0) is not defined, default objnull is used.
  • if (_this select 0) is defined, but is neither of type Object nor Array, error message is logged and default objNull is used.
  • if (_this select 0) and is Array, but it is count is neither 2 nor 3, error message is logged and default objNull is used.
Example 2:
_answer = [_this, 1, 42] call BIS_fnc_param;
  • if (_this select 1) is not defined, default 42 is used.
  • no limit for data types or number of elements exists.
  • Additional Information

    See also:
    BIS_fnc_paramIn param params


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    ffur2007slx2_5 - c
    Posted on Sep 06, 2014 - 21:55 (UTC)
    Arma 3 logo black.png1.28 Use BIS_fnc_paramIn to load private path from parent parameters (loaded by BIS_fnc_param)
    private ["_parent", "_child0", "_child1"]; _parent = [_this, 0, [], [[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _child0 = [_parent, 0, missionNamespace, [missionNamespace, grpNull, objNull]] call BIS_fnc_paramIn; _child1 = [_parent, 1, "", [""]] call BIS_fnc_paramIn;