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Spawns random patrols and/or vehicles in trigger areas with proper names. Side selected in the triggers "Activation" listbox will determine the side of the spawned asset(s).
Trigger names (a.k.a "Trigger text", not "Variable Name") defines the kind of spawn. Supported trigger names are:
  • GEN_infantry: spawns random infantry patrol with sentry waypoints (NOTE: only circular triggers are supported, min. axis should be 500m)
  • GEN_patrolVeh: spawns a random vehicle. If a civilian unit is synchronized with the trigger, its waypoint will be used by the spawned vehicle
    You can specify the vehicle type by typing one of the following into the trigger's "On Act." field:
    • car
    • apc
    • tank
  • GEN_ammo: spawns a random number of ammoboxes. You can get and idea of the shape this composition will have by making this trigger rectangular with dimensions 5m x 1m. You can also specify the amount of crates spawned by using min. and max. Timeout values (supported range is 1 to 6 crates).
  • GEN_civilCar: spawns a random empty civil car
Object Manipulation


density call BIS_fnc_prepareAO
density: Number - (Optional, default 1) enemy presence density index used for random footpatrols
Return Value:


Example 1:
0.75 call BIS_fnc_prepareAO;
Example 2:
call BIS_fnc_prepareAO;

Additional Information

See also:
BIS_fnc_spawnGroup createUnit


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